Norwegian Scientists Say Climate in Antarctica Very Stable, Not Being Destroyed by Cow Farts

“Explaining things doesn’t work, so let’s subtly manipulate people instead”

There is definitely no evidence of manmade global warming, and the theory itself doesn’t actually make any sense.

However, we are at the end of an ice age, so it is possible the globe is warming itself.

However, the evidence of that is scant.

Sputnik News:

Cautioning against unsubstantiated “doomsday prophecies” and “scare propaganda”, Norwegian researchers said that the ice edge at the most important parts of Antarctica, dubbed “the world’s freezer” not only hasn’t become thinner, but has even grown, contrary to some expectations.

Having measured both temperatures, ocean currents and salinity in the sea and under the ice in Antarctica since the end of the 60s, researchers from Norway have arrived at rather surprising results.

Contrary to alarmist predictions and tendencies witnessed elsewhere, the climate at the South Pole has been stable for the past 40 years, oceanographer and senior researcher at the Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) Svein Østerhus told TV2.

“So far we have not seen any significant changes. The ice edge we are studying has not become any thinner, on the contrary,” Østerhus said after his 15th trip to Antarctica.

In the words of the TV2 reporter, Østerhus “spoke against doomsday prophecies” as he said that the most important areas of “the world’s freezer” are currently “very stable”.

“It is true that in some areas there is ice melting. In the north, the sea ice is melting. It does so in Greenland and in parts of Antarctica as well, but what really matters when it comes to rising sea levels, yes, fortunately very little happens here,” Østerhus pointed out.

The researcher emphasised the importance of being careful about “scare propaganda” about the climate.

“As a researcher, I am careful about making claims without having really good backup for it. I think this can hit us hard if we present it as if there are dramatic major changes,” Østerhus underscored.

All there is is scare propaganda, and it would be ridiculous even if it was all true.

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