Nuremberg Standard: If a Woman Says You Raped Her, You’re Going to Jail Despite Lack of Evidence

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This is your life now – if a woman says you did a crime and the jury believes her, that’s all the evidence required.

You go to prison.


Most of the jurors at Harvey Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial were ready to convict him of crimes related to three of the four women he was charged with raping or sexually assaulting.

Yet after weeks of deliberation the eight men and four women voted unanimously to convict him of crimes against only one: a Russian-born model and actor known as Jane Doe 1. She lived in Rome and was visiting California for a film festival at age 34 in 2013, when she said the now-disgraced film mogul appeared uninvited at her Los Angeles hotel room door in the middle of the night.

The jurors were released from service and allowed to talk publicly after more than two months Tuesday, when they could not reach a unanimous decision on two aggravating factors that might have made for a higher sentence. Their deliberations took nine days spanning more than two weeks, but those who spoke to reporters said the talks were never contentious.

Weinstein was found guilty of one count of rape and two counts of sexual assault against Jane Doe 1. He now faces up to 18 years in prison in California to go with a 23-year sentence for a rape and sexual assault conviction in New York.

Jurors said that Jane Doe 1′s composure, and the fact that she did not contact Weinstein after he raped her, allowed the divided group to reach consensus on her accusations.

I thought Jane Doe 1 was very convincing in her story,” said one juror, a 62-year-old man who works in banking and only provided his first name, Michael, because he sought to maintain privacy amid the publicity surrounding the case.

The physical and technical evidence surrounding Jane Doe 1 was some of the thinnest at the trial, but jurors were told that under the law, if they found an accuser’s story credible, that alone could be enough to convict.

We mock the Nuremberg Trials, and indeed, all legal scholars mock them because people were convicted based on nothing but eyewitness accounts.

That is the only precedent for what they are doing now with the Weinstein Standard.

Everyone on earth is repulsed by Weinstein. I get that. Right-wingers will talk about how he’s Jewish. I get that too. But the fact is, they knew how hated he was and that’s why they used him to set this new standard.

Heterosexual sex is now illegal in America.