NY: Jews Barricade Inside University Library as Pro-Palestinian Protesters Pound on Doors

Aw, sweet – a pogrom!

New York Post:

A handful of Cooper Union’s Jewish students barricaded inside the university’s library Wednesday when pro-Palestinian protesters blew past security and aggressively pounded on the building’s doors.

A Jewish senior at the East Village institution recounted the terrifying moment she watched the demonstrators slam anti-Zionist posters against the window and shout “antisemitic rhetoric” just a few feet away.

When they started banging on the door, my heart started pounding. I was crying. I think if the doors weren’t locked — I don’t know what would have happened,” the student, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Post.

I don’t want to speculate what would’ve happened. It just makes me too nervous. I was absolutely terrified in that moment.”

The demonstrators — who were carrying Palestinian flags and “Zionism Hands Off Our Universities” signs — had scheduled the 1 p.m. demonstration outside the 7 E. 7th St. building when they decided to move through the interior.

It should be “tentacles off.”


I love Hamas, but Arabs are bad at memes.

It appeared as though they were heading toward university president Laura Spark’s office to demand she condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza Strip civilians when they pivoted to the library, the student said.

The group of several dozen demonstrators breezed past security’s feeble attempts to stop them from climbing the stairs as they chanted “Free Palestine,” video shows.

Security on the library’s 7th level locked the doors upon hearing the group come closer, preventing them from coming inside, but not stopping them from banging on the walls and continuing their chanting.

Several of the 11 Jewish students huddled inside the Cooper Union Library called 911 or contacted relatives who called the police for help.

The NYPD was stationed at the demonstration the entire time, a spokesperson said.

No arrests or summonses were issued, and the ralliers left the building without incident.

Yeah, you can’t arrest the pogrom activists.

They’re brown people.

Under New York law, they’re actually allowed to kill Jews.

Run, you little rats!

This is only just getting started.

It’s always a good time to offer an unconditional surrender to the entire world, Jews.