Watch: Lindsey Graham Calls UN the “Most Antisemitic Body on the Planet”

When Lindsey Graham says this, I get the same feeling I get when Alex Jones claims to be “the most censored man on earth.”

The Daily Stormer is the most anti-Semitic body on earth, Lindsey. The UN is not positively pro-Hamas, they are just against mass child murder. I positively assert moral support for Hamas.

I am hereby calling on Lindsey Graham’s office to issue an official retraction and an apology to the Daily Stormer.

New York Post:

Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed the United Nations as the “most antisemitic body on the planet” after the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

The nonbinding resolution that called for a “humanitarian truce” in Gaza was adopted by the 193-member world body on Friday in a 120-14 vote and was the UN’s first response to the war.

Let me just tell you about the UN right now, it is the most antisemitic body on the planet,” Graham told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday night.

“To ask Israel to have a ceasefire after their people were slaughtered more viciously than the Nazis, having children beheaded, women raped in front of their parents; the UN is wrong,” the South Carolina Republican said.

Here’s when will have a ceasefire — when Hamas ceases to be a threat to Israel,” Graham said. “Then and only then will we have a ceasefire.”

I’m the first person to tell you how horrific the Jews are, and how absolutely intolerable it is what they are doing in Gaza.

That having been said, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that America is so kiked that you have homosexuals like Graham (closeted, for the evangelical vote LOL) out in public supporting Israel killing children and saying anyone who even complains about it is evil.

I hate moralizing so much. It’s the thing I hate most of all. It removes all meaning from everything. Once you’ve turned anything into a moral crusade, that thing can no longer be talked about how it is, but must instead be talked about as an abstract question of morality.

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I understand both sides are doing this, and I understand that I’ve personally stated a moral claim for Palestine (which is not the same thing as moralizing, but is something I don’t usually do in politics). But these people – Nikki Haley and Graham are the most obvious, but there are several – that are moralizing for Israel, saying being against child murder is evil… it’s just so funny to me.

Moralizing in geopolitics typically leads to mass death. The media moralized over the Ukraine war – shockingly, moralized over the permanence and inviolability of national borders – and now virtually the entire male population of the Ukraine has been wiped out. Both World War I and II were based on moralizing.

So “it’s good to slaughter children” is sort of the peak form of moralizing.

It makes me laugh.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.