NYC: Entitled Migrants Going Door-to-Door Asking Residents for Money, Clothing, And Food

This is a “missing article” from the pre-shutdown period.

But it seems important enough to post.

I think a lot of people (beyond just DS readers) missed this story.

Even homeless crackheads don’t go door-to-door to beg for cash.

New York Post (December 22, 2023):

Migrants staying at the Big Apple’s controversial tent shelter at Floyd Bennett Field have started going door to door in nearby neighborhoods begging residents for cash, food and clothes, furious locals told The Post Friday.

David Fitzgerald, 62, said he has noticed an influx of asylum seeker families showing up on his doorstep in Brooklyn’s Marine Park neighborhood in recent weeks asking for spare change — sparking safety fears among some of his neighbors.

David Fitzgerald

“There’s definitely an invasion of immigrants from Floyd Bennett Field in our neighborhood and I see them sitting outside stores … outside the mall and going around to all the houses in the neighborhood, knocking on the door looking for money,” the retiree said.

“I certainly sympathize with their situation, but to have people knocking at your door looking for food that don’t speak English, it’s annoying. I don’t like it. We have never had this before, ever,” he continued.

“There is definitely a lot of nervousness in the neighborhood, that is for sure.”

Ring camera footage from Fitzgerald’s home captured one of the migrant families, with their kids in tow, recently knocking on his front door — some four miles from the city-run shelter site.

Paul Sanzone, who has lived in the neighborhood for 30 years, said migrants now knock on his door on a “regular basis.”

“I am all for charity, 100%. I’ll give you the shirt off my back, the money in my pocket, but not this way. It has got to stop,” Sanzone, 56, said.

He said he and his wife had been “on edge” ever since two people who recently came looking for food and money were wearing what appeared to be ankle monitors.

“It’s alarming,” he said.

And another local, only identified as Bronislav, told The Post a migrant couple with two children had only just knocked on his door in search of clothing earlier on Friday.

“They asked for clothes. I said I didn’t have and that was the truth,” the 58-year-old city worker said, adding that he realized immediately they had likely come from the nearby shelter.

This is, apparently, one of the “economic opportunities” that the “migrants” are seeking here in our destroyed nation.

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