Watch: Protesters Demanding Gaza Ceasefire Block Traffic at 3 NYC Bridges

100%, these protests are organized by the Jews to make Palestinians look bad.

This was already proved.

New York Post:

Dozens of anti-Israel protesters swarmed three bridges and the Holland Tunnel in Lower Manhattan on Monday morning, creating chaos as they blocked traffic and prompting more than 130 arrests.

The shouting demonstrators from the “Shut it Down for Palestine” rally marched through City Hall Park before groups of them descended on the bridges and tunnel, police said.

“You’re disrupting traffic, idiots!” a man in a maroon Honda shouted at the ralliers at one point as they blocked his car at an intersection.

“You can’t do that! It’s against the law,” he yelled at them — as another man filming the confrontation with his phone shouted, “Hit ’em all! Run ’em over!”

The driver then got out of his vehicle and shoved three of the protesters, warning them to stay away from his car as he screamed, “I have a daughter in Brooklyn! … I have to get home!”

The protesters eventually backed off.

The mayhem occurred after 10 a.m., when at least 40 demonstrators were on the Brooklyn Bridge, 12 on the Manhattan Bridge, 75 on the Williamsburg Bridge and dozens more within the Holland Tunnel, the NYPD said.

The only reason you would block traffic is to make people hate you.

That’s why Jews organize “pro-Palestine” street blockings.

Arabs need to start calling out Jews organizing these fake protests.