“Your September 11th is Our October 7th,” Israel’s Consul General Tells New Yorkers

He’s right, you know.

Israel is responsible for 911 and October 7th.

New York Post:

The Big Apple is in danger of falling under “radical Muslim occupation” like many cities in Europe, Israel’s new consul general warned in an exclusive interview with The Post.

“You know what happening in London these days, you know what’s happening in Paris these days and in Malmo, a major city in Sweden?” Ofir Akunis said. “They are under radical Muslim occupation.

Ofir Akunis

“There are no-go zones and I don’t want to happen here in New York or in other places here in the United States,” Akunis warned. “They burned an American flag right here, in front of the doors of the [Manhattan] consulate.

I’m calling on New Yorkers: wake up before it will be too late!

In a poll taken shortly after Oct. 7, 57% of American Muslims said they believed Hamas’ attack on Israel was “justified.”

Akunis arrived in May as a wartime consul-general, replacing Asaf Zamir.

The former consul was married to the glamours billionaire Maya Wertheimer, granddaughter of industrialist Stef Wertheimer.

Zamir quit and then was fired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March 2023 — and the consulate had been without a full-time leader since.

Akunis took charge as major American universities were convulsed by pro-Hamas demonstrations and his schedule has been so packed since, he is still living out of his suitcase at a nearby hotel.

A massive image of the 9/11 terrorist attacks looms across his desk. Also nearby is a photo of his 20-year-old son serving in the Israeli Navy.

Your September 11th is our October 7th. It’s radical Islam,” he warned.

Adding “it’s radical Islam” sort of makes it way gayer.

How is Hamas “radical Islam”?

Are people actually even making that argument?

I hear “terrorism,” which insofar as they purposefully killed randos (which isn’t really even proven – we have video of Israelis shooting their own people), I guess it qualifies as “terrorism.” But I mean, the issue is that their land was stolen by Jews and they were locked in an open-air prison camp.

Anyone, regardless of their religion, is going to attack you in such a situation. I don’t really think you can blame them for that.

What we need to know more about is why the most secure border in the world was left unsecured when they knew an attack was coming. We need to know about the insider trading.

We also need to know about the dancing Israelis. And the Israeli art students in the WTC. And again, we need to know about the insider trading.

But we’re not going to hear about any of that.

Instead, we’re going to hear more about Angel Face getting decapitated with a shovel.