NYC: Masked Men on Scooters Open Fire on Bronx Street, Kill 1 and Injure 3 Others

The Venezuelan takeover of New York continues unabated.

The police can’t do anything.

Soon, the Age of Police will end, and the Age of Venezuelan Gang Lords will rise.

You can’t stop the future.

New York Post:

Two masked gunmen riding on the back of separate scooters opened fire on a Bronx street Tuesday night, killing a 29-year-old man and injuring three others, authorities said.

The moped-riding shooters fired off at least 10 rounds toward a group of men near East Mount Eden Avenue and Townsend Avenue. around 6:15 p.m., assistant NYPD chief Benjamin Gurley said at a press conference from the scene.

The fatal victim was shot in the chest and leg and was pronounced dead at the hospital, said Gurley.

The wounded victims were all shot in the leg, he said. Those victims are ages 37, 31, and 23, law enforcement sources said.

The perps wore hoodies and masks during the gunfire and fled from the scene on the scooters, Gurley said.

One person was taken into custody, but it’s unclear if he is directly connected to the shooting, police said.

Police are investigating if the shooting was gang-related.

It seems that way, but not sure,” an NYPD spokesperson said following the briefing.

He’s not sure.

Well, I’m sure.

He didn’t do anything, just let him go. Better yet: give him your job. You’re obviously not any good at it, faggot.

The people demand that the police stand down and be replaced with Venezuelan Gang Lords.

No one has any right to question destiny.