NYC: Massive Tuberculosis Spike! This is Def Worse Than the Flu! Whoops!

It’s not a virus!

No, friends. No viruses are among the world’s most deadly infectious diseases.

TB is a bacterial infection. It is spread naturally, in the way we know bacteria spreads. There is no need for secret computer models and endless discussion about “mutating strains.”

It’s just a bacteria. Everyone understands it, because unlike a “virus,” you can see it under a microscope!

It’s being brought here by the immigrants.

New York Post:

Years of budget cuts and staffing shortages have left the New York City Department of Health too hobbled to contain a sharp rise in local cases of tuberculosis, according to a bombshell new report.

TB is the world’s deadliest infectious disease, and there have been about 500 active cases of TB in NYC so far in 2023.

That’s an increase of about 20% over the same time last year, according to “internal preliminary data” reported by Politico, making 2023 the worst year for TB infections in a decade.

“This is definitely a more dramatic resurgence than we would have probably expected,” said Elizabeth Lovinger of Treatment Action Group, a NYC public health advocacy group. “When there are particularly high spikes in TB and other infectious diseases in New York City, that tends to be kind of a bellwether for the rest of the country.”

The spike in NYC cases has also been partly attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic — and vaccine fatigue — hindering efforts to diagnose and treat cases, and to the arrival in the city since spring 2022 of over 100,000 migrants, who are at a heightened risk of developing active tuberculosis infections.

Vaccine fatigue” in this context apparently means fear of going to the doctor because you’re afraid they will inject you with a deadly gene therapy.

Only 20-30% of the Western population is not outraged by the vaccine hoax. People know about the side effects, and they sat there and watched the government/media say “it stops the virus,” and then do a 360 and claim “it was never meant to stop the virus, it just might lower your symptoms in a way we have no ability to measure.”

These foreigners are not coming from Mexico. Mexico is a great country these days – you people have no idea. I was there for over six months in 2021-22, because I had friends who were totally avoiding the masks/lockdowns/vax (I guess it’s been over a year so I can say that now without worrying about doxing). It was wonderful. The exact opposite of the United States, which is going down every year.

Down very low.

No one is coming from Mexico. It’s not even 1% of the people crossing the southern border that are coming from Mexico. Mexico is a peaceful, middle class country, with no black people.

The migrants are not even allowed to stay in Mexico. Joe Biden’s army of NGOs issued all of these Spanish language invitations (as well as in various Mayan languages) – both on the internet and in the form of paper fliers for people who don’t have electricity or internet – all throughout Central and South America, telling people they are welcome to come live on welfare.

The Biden Administration, following the Democrat belief that the most primitive, stupid and dirty people on earth are the ones that should be flooding the country, is pulling these people from anywhere they can find them.

There is barely any true poverty left in Mexico at all. It’s a middle class country. I did the full tour with some hard niggas, and we went through some of the cartel zones, everything. I never once felt unsafe.

Meanwhile, in America, no one feels safe in formerly middle class areas – even the suburbs – and everyone is fleeing to villages.

All that having been said: it is likely that these people with TB are not from Latin America at all, but from Africa. Huge numbers of black Africans are streaming across the American border, because these NGOs are buying them flights.

Good luck, America!

Good luck!

Best of luck!