NYC: Palestinian Liberation Protesters March to NYPD Headquarters After Mass Arrests at NYU


NYU followed Columbia and did a mass arrest of anti-Israel protesters. This was the stupidest possible thing they could have done.

When you arrest and crack down on a protest movement like this, all it does is make the protesters angry. It causes people to join the protest.

New York Post:

Anti-Israel protesters armed with flares marched toward NYPD headquarters late Monday after the number of students arrested at NYU reportedly rose to over 130.

Videos of Monday night’s protests show demonstrators holding bright flares over their heads while marching toward One Police Plaza while others waved flags, banged drums and chanted, “Gaza.”

Other clips show NYPD officers in riot gear monitoring protesters who chant, “We will free Palestine, within our lifetime.”

By late Monday, 133 protesters had been arrested as the NYU camp was broken up, with some of those busted also part of the march, the NYPD said Tuesday.

This is the beginning of the build-up to a massive national protest movement, where young people, both left and right oriented, come together on a large scale to protest US support for the Jews.

In 1970, there was a massive student strike against the Vietnam war, where millions of college and high school students walked out. What the Jews are doing in Palestine is a whole helluva lot worse than what the Americans did in Vietnam.

The only people who support the Jews are old people, because they were indoctrinated at a young age to believe that Jews are the chosen ones. This applies to Democrats as well as Republicans. Watch this clip from a Kirsten Gillibrand event, where an old man who supports that bitch has a total freakout about someone not supporting Jews:

Meanwhile, virtually no young people support the Jews, and this includes most who identify with the right.

It’s a huge embarrassment for the right that 28% of 18-29s support these baby-murdering Christ-killers, but I think that number is going down. There is of course going to be some legacy of the blasphemous cults of the 1990s and 2000s that claimed “Jews are the chosen ones.” But as you can see, this is waning rapidly.

When the boomers start to die off, Israel will not have support in America, which is probably the main reason they are moving now to push the US into a war with Iran. They want to establish themselves in the Middle East as a normal state before they lose the support of America.

I would like to see a poll of only high school and college students, because if you removed the 25-29 demographic, and included 15-17 year olds, those numbers would obviously drop in all categories.

This summer, we are going to see a massive protest movement against the Jews coming from young people. The government will do their best to crush it, but if millions of people are protesting, they are not going to be able to arrest all of them. If they try – and they most likely will try – you’re going to enter into a civil war type scenario.

America is becoming ungovernable.