NYC Pushing Mask Ban on Subway After Protesters Demand “Zionists” Raise Their Hands on Train

It’s strange that the Jewish media argues so aggressively that there is effectively no difference between “Zionist” and “Jew.”

A Zionist necessarily supports the slaughter in Gaza.

If I was a PR guy working for the Jews, this is the exact opposite of what I would be trying to do. I would be running around pointing at every Jew who is opposed to the Israeli genocide in Gaza and trying to muddle the issue, talk about how Israel is a country and not the same thing as “the Jews.”

It’s unclear why they are doing the opposite, other than that they are just not very smart and are very emotional.

New York Post:

Gov. Kathy Hochul is mulling a partial mask ban for New York City’s subways as antisemitic hate by masked protesters goes off the rails.

The governor said Thursday she’s working with lawmakers after Jewish leaders’ calls, first reported by The Post, to reinstate an anti-masking law that was repealed as the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

The talks are largely, but not entirely, focused on subways, Hochul said.

It’s time for a reset,” she said during a news conference.

“There’s obviously a problem here. This will be dealt with.”

The potential about-face on masks comes after what Hochul called “vile and disgusting” recent anti-Jewish incidents in New York City, especially one in which masked protesters demanded that “Zionists” raise their hands on a crowded train.

What about the deadly coronavirus though? It’s killing millions.

I’m not going to really be able to make a decision about how I feel about this mask ban until Vologomoorogo Zeleninnssskyyii weighs in on the issue.

I know he’s a busy man, given that he is constantly in the trenches firing mortar shells at evil Russian invaders, but hopefully at some point between launching these defensive shells into civilian areas, he can find the time to release a press statement about masks on the NYC subway.