The Krypto Report’s Azzmador has Passed Away at 57

This is reprinted from with the permission of the author. I have my own things to say about Azzmador, but will have to think about it. He played a crucial role in the development of this website. He was a giant of a man, literally and elsewise. –AA

I have some extremely sad and difficult news to report. The Krypto Report’s Azzmador who was also a close personal friend of mine passed away yesterday morning from a heart attack. His real name was Robert Ray. He was 57-years-old.

I learned of this news yesterday late afternoon after receiving a phone call from his mother. From what I understand, paramedics and doctors attempted to revive him but they were ultimately unsuccessful.

As many of you know, I was a guest on this past Saturday’s TKR Live. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the last episode of Azzmador’s legendary show which had an enormous amount of influence on the dissident right-wing of American politics.

It was an honor of a lifetime to have been a regular guest on his show. I just wish I knew that Saturday’s show was going to be the last time the two of us were going to get a chance to talk. I immensely enjoyed the conversations we had both on air and off air. I would have very much liked to have told him that one more time before his passing.

TKR was literally the most censored and blacklisted right-wing stream on the Internet. I can think of no other stream or show that was banned more than TKR was. The fact that he managed to keep streaming despite all of the roadblocks that were thrown in his way by sadistic Jews and other corrupt ZOG people was a serious testament to his will and fortitude. He never gave up no matter how hard things got. His loyal audience following spoke to that.

In the days to come, I will try to offer more detailed reflections on the significant influence he had on the dissident right-wing. From his legendary 2017 Unite the Right podcast he hosted in Charlottesville, to his courageous street activism, to his published articles and to the TKR show itself, he left a substantial mark on American right-wing politics.

This is literally the most difficult article I’ve had to write in the roughly two decades I’ve been doing this type of work. I’m still struggling to process the fact that my friend is no longer with us. I really felt like the media collaboration we were doing together was just starting to get off the ground. It saddens me that it ended before reaching its full potential.

He was transparent about the fact that he wasn’t feeling well in recent days, but I don’t think anybody presumed that his health issues were life threatening. He was even planning to do a special movie stream this past Sunday night that he unfortunately had to cancel after feeling ill. All of this just makes the news of his passing an even bigger shock.

I did tell his mother that she could reach out to me again if she needed any assistance during this difficult time. I have no doubt that the readers of this site and the TKR audience would also be willing to help her if necessary.

Azzmador was a great American who spoke the truth and stood against one of the most evil systems to ever exist in all of recorded history. He sacrificed a great deal to do this. I have no doubt that he will be remembered well by future historians who try to dissect and understand this horribly awful era we are living through.

I’m honestly not sure what else I can say about this terrible news. All I know is that he would want everyone who followed his work to continue the fight that he dedicated much of his life towards. My intention is to keep his legacy alive through this site and any other future right-wing media projects that I involve myself in. I’d also like to see if we can potentially archive as many of the old TKR shows as we can for the sake of future posterity. This is something we can try and sort out in the days and weeks to come.

All of that can wait though. For now, I’d just like to take some time to pay my respects to my good friend and to remember all the fun times we had fighting this crazy ZOG system together. To say that it has been a wild ride would be an understatement. I have no doubt that he’s in a much better place now and that thought alone makes me happy.

Rest in peace Azz. I love ya my friend. No homo.

Robert “Azzmador” Ray (1966-2024)