Obama Lifts Ban on Sending Weapons to Child Soldiers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2013

"My lil niggas ober der in da Abrica be ebrey day out der on da hussle, cuz dey dem kindsa get money niggaz.  Dey be nees dees guns, dawg." -Barack Obama, on his decision to arm child soldiers in Africa.
“My lil niggas ober der in da Abrica bees da typa niggaz ebrey day out der on da hussle, cuz dey dem kindsa get money niggaz. Dem keedz be nees dees guns, dawg.” -Barack Obama, on his decision to arm child soldiers in Africa.

In a breathtaking act of courage, Barack “Peace Prize” Obama has acted yet again in defense of freedom and democracy once again, issuing waivers to lift a ban on sending arms to several war-torn countries known to employ child soldiers.

From Think Progress:

The Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008 (CPSA) is meant to bar the United States from providing military assistance to countries who have “governmental armed forces or government- supported armed groups, including paramilitaries, militias, or civil defense forces, that recruit and use child soldiers.” As per the Optional Protocol on the Convention of the Rights of the Child, “child soldiers” include children under 18 who have been forced into service, those under 15 who have volunteered to fight, and and those under 18 who have joined up with any force aside from an army. It also includes those who serve in a “support role such as a cook, porter, messenger, medic, guard, or sex slave.”

A national security interest waiver was built into the law, however, giving the President the authority to override the law should he deem it necessary to do so. That’s precisely what the Obama administration did on Monday, issuing blanket waivers to three countries known to use child soldiers: Yemen, Chad, and South Sudan. Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo received partial waivers as well; this means that they’ll be granted lethal aid only in support of the peacekeeping missions currently ongoing in the country.

This year, the State Department issued a list of ten countries that had been found to be using child soldiers: Burma (Myanmar), the Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Of those, seven were due to receive military aid from the United States, an action which the CPSA barred — for the most part.

This comes on the heels of a waiver he issued last month to circumvent a ban on sending weapons to terrorist groups, which allowed him to continue to fund the Islamic extremists attempting to overthrow the regime of the satanic gas-master Bashir Assad in Syria.

But hey!  At least he’s not George Bush, right guys?  I mean – right?  Bush was so bad, at least Obama isn’t him, right?

Am I right, guys?