Obummer Endorses Creepy Uncle Joe

The gay communist Moslem Barry Obummer has endorsed Creepy Uncle Joe as the DEMON-RATS continue to do whatever it is they’re doing. The “Straight Outta Kenya” former president released a very long video talking mostly about Bernie Sanders, and saying that Uncle Joe also believes in socialism.

With millions of people dying of a Chinese virus, the economy is in the toilet, and you know what the Democrat solution is? That’s right – higher taxes.

Joe is sure to be as weak on China as Obummer was on Iran. It is just appease, appease, appease. China has released a virus on us that killed more people than when Iran flew those planes into our towers on that fateful day, and now is the time to really hit them where it hurts. In a Biden America, the whole country would become one giant safe space for the snowflakes, while China just keeps hitting us with their viruses.

The demon-rats call Donald Trump a racist, but meanwhile, Joe Biden said that all blacks should be in prison for selling drugs. Donald Trump lets black drug dealers out of prison and onto the streets. Under Trump, we have the lowest black unemployment. Obummer put innocent immigrant children in cages at the border, Donald Trump let them out of the cages and released them into America. But don’t tell any of that to the snowflakes, because then they’ll have to run to their safe spaces.

All races are against big government, but the demon-rats have tricked the blacks into living on their plantation so they’ll keep voting for them. Liberalism is actually fascism. They want to control you, and take your guns away, so you have nothing to protect yourself when the Chinese invade.

Most importantly, Donald Trump has been the greatest friend that Israel has ever had. That Obummer was nothing but a Jew-hating anti-Semite. Which isn’t a surprise, since he followed the same policies as the Nazis.

But I’ll tell you, Israel’s the greatest friend this country has, and without them, we’re finished. If we get another four years of Obummer policy, Israel might turn their back on us. And if Israel turns its back on us, so will God. Because those are His chosen people, and God has blessed America to become the greatest country in the world because we support them.

With millions of people dying from the Chinese virus, more viruses coming in and a bad stock market, we need smaller government more than ever before. The way to get out of the recession caused by this virus is to ease up on taxes so small businesses can blossom.

A vote for Uncle Joe is nothing but a vote for four more years of Obama. And that’s a real bummer.

‘Nuff said.