Official Death Toll in Gaza Over 30,000, Jews Show No Sign of Stopping

These are not even real numbers.

The are the most conservative possible numbers.

The King of Jordan said a few weeks ago that the number was 100,000, and I think that’s closer to the reality.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear if even one of these deaths was a Hamas fighter.

Just like that French bitch is the first lesbo nigger to be White House press secretary, Israel is the first country to declare a full-scale war against helpless women and children.


More than 30,000 Palestinians have now been killed in Gaza since 7 October, the Hamas-run health ministry says.

That number equates to about 1.3% of the 2.3 million population of the territory – the latest grim marker of the awful toll of this war.

The ministry says that the majority of those killed were women and children.

Its figures do not differentiate between civilians and fighters when identifying those killed.

In its daily update on Thursday, the ministry said 81 people had been killed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 30,035.

The actual number of dead is likely to be far higher as the count does not include those who have not reached hospitals, among them thousands of people still lost under the rubble of buildings hit by Israeli air strikes.

More than 70,000 injured people have been registered by the Gaza ministry of health (MoH), which is the only official source for casualties. Its data is quoted by UN agencies and other international institutions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it has a “long-standing co-operation” with the Gaza body and that it has “good capacity in data collection/analysis”. Its previous reporting has been considered credible and “well developed” by the UN agency.

The WHO notes that when the current breakdown of deaths is compared with previous data recorded by the UN from past conflicts in Gaza, “it clearly shows an increasing number of civilians being killed, with a higher proportion of children and women fatalities”.

Asked about its assessment on the number of fatalities and the breakdown of civilians and fighters, Israel’s military told the BBC only that “the number of terrorists killed stands at approximately 10,000”.

Jews seem to be having fun

For a Palestinian death to be registered in Gaza, a corpse or remains must be seen by hospital staff or medical workers. At the end of each day, hospitals send lists of all casualties including – where known – names, identity numbers, dates of injury or death, and details of injuries and condition to a centralised MoH system. Its operators are now based in Rafah.

The Palestinian Red Crescent also contributes data.

The Jews can’t be allowed to get away with this.

They have normalized collective punishment.

They’re going to regret that when the tide turns.

And I can see the tide turning, there on the horizon.

Just what you’d expect from the only democracy in the Middle East