Official London Housing Strategy Demands 1 Million Authentic Britons be Forced Out and Replaced Annually

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2014

The replacement population for London sits at Calais demanding to be fed, while they wait for their new homes to be either vacated or built for them.

The never ending invasion of third world filth demanding to be housed will mean at least 42,000 new homes will have to be built every year in London just to shelter them.

But in order for that to be enough housing, a million authentic White British people will also need to be driven out of the capital city in what can only be described as a state sanctioned policy of ethnic cleansing.

The recently released report confirming all this also attacked the housing strategy of the Turkish/British hybrid Mayor of London Boris Johnson, for intentionally hiding the reason for the increase and instead claiming it had been caused by natural growth from the fallen city’s ‘youthful population.’

The report itself has been produced by Migrationwatch and contains the staggering statistic that two thirds of all London births in 2012 were actually foreign.

This is set to now increase at an alarming rate, with more creatures arriving all the time whose only skill set appears to be in producing more non-White replicas of their useless selves.

Private rents in the city are now three times higher than the rest of the country and the price of purchasing an average property in London now costs half a million pounds.

Although the chairman of Migrationwatch has not used these exact words, the logical outcome of what he is saying is that the authentic Londoner complete with cockney accent, will soon be extinct, if something is not done immediately to prevent it.

Mayor Boris Johnson has lied to the people of London by telling them that the need for new houses has been driven by the city’s ‘youthful population.’

Daily Mail:

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said: ‘London’s huge population increase in the last two decades has been driven solely by immigration and the same will apply over the next 15 years.

‘City Hall has been less than frank about what is going on. The general public have no idea of the extent to which immigration is driving the city’s housing crisis and causing Londoners to leave.

‘The business lobby seem to have a lofty disregard for the lives of ordinary Londoners. It is ludicrous for them to suggest that London needs immigrants on anything like the present scale.

‘The inevitable effect is massive pressure on schools and hospitals and, especially, on housing. London needs skilled migration, not mass migration.’

He added: ‘Those who promote the idea of an international city effectively free of constraints on immigration seem to be blind to the implications for the existing population of London.

They should be clear that the result will be more Londoners forced to leave the city and find somewhere else to live. Are they content with that outcome?

Concerns about the impact of migration have increased since Tony Blair introduced an effectively open-door immigration policy after the 1997 election, affecting the social make-up of cities, unemployment and pressure on housing and services.

Net migration remains stubbornly high at more than 200,000 a year, mainly due to EU immigration. Critics have warned it means David Cameron’s promise to reduce net migration to tens of thousands, the levels of the 1990s, will be virtually impossible to achieve.

In a joint statement, Labour MP Frank Field and Tory grandee Sir Nicholas Soames MP, who co-chair the cross-party group Balanced Migration, said: ‘Just as the Scottish referendum has blown open the British constitution, so has this latest report on housing needs blown open the debate on immigration. The report shows London’s housing stock is creaking.’

Sir Andrew Green’s new report states that the amount of foreigners in London has doubled in the last two decades, while the authentic British population has remained static.