Ohio Police Arrest Man for Telling Jews They’re Disgusting Pigs

Oh, so now the truth is against the law?

That figures.

America is sickening.

A cesspit.

Who the hell defends literal Jews, other than the Americans? 

New York Post:

An Ohio man has been busted after a Jewish woman shared Ring footage of someone ringing her doorbell just to say, “You Zionist pigs are f–king disgusting.”

Jacob Thomas Reidy was arrested at his home in Bexley late Monday after his vehicle was linked to antisemitic incidents at least two homes Sunday — and he was already being monitored over similar antisemitic hate, according to a police report obtained by Fox 28.

Footage seen nearly 3 million times by Tuesday after being shared by StopAntisemitism showed a bearded man in a beanie, dark-colored jacket, and jeans leaning down to talk into the Ring camera in one of the incidents.

“So I’ve never used one of these,” says the man, with the woman replying warmly, “Yeah, yeah go ahead — what can I help you with, sir?”

The caller then leans even closer as he states, “You Zionist pigs are f–king disgusting” — pausing to continue staring into the doorcam while chewing on a toothpick.

Homeowner Debbie Meyer said she’s certain she was targeted because she had an Israeli flag outside.

Authorities were able to identify Reidy because they’d already been monitoring him for several days, according to the police report.

A detective working special duty at a synagogue said he’d earlier witnessed Reidy driving past, yelling out of his car window about Israel following Hamas’ surprise attack on the Jewish nation on Oct. 7, according to the Fox 28 report.

Reidy was on public property and not engaged in any illegal activity, but police took down his license plate number anyway.

Reidy was charged with criminal trespass and is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Yeah, hey, here’s an idea – maybe go live in Israel if you want to fly an Israeli flag?

How about, “this is America, and the baby-killing Jews are not welcome”?

How about that?

Jacob Thomas Reidy