UK: Pubescent Girls Now Ruining St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir

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Girls have officially become full choristers at St Paul’s Cathedral for the first time.

The first two girls to join, 11-year-old Lila and 10-year-old Lois, are set to perform in the choir’s Choral Evensong service on Sunday after months of probation and preparation.

It will be the first time in the cathedral’s 900-year history that girls will officially be a full part of the choir.

The news means the two choristers will play an equal part in the singing of services, as well as at events of national importance.

Lila and Lois have been in training within the choir since September 2023 and on Saturday they got to try on their surplice, the white gown worn on top of black cassocks by choristers.

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