Oklahoma Senator Wants to Charge Women with Murder If They Murder Babies

A lot of people are saying that the Republicans are going too hard on abortion and this is alienating people. That is a hoax, for one. For two, it wouldn’t even matter – you have to be hard on abortion.

In fact, you should be harder than this guy.

New York Post:

The rookie Oklahoma state senator who proposed making watching porn a felony and banning sexting among unmarried couples has drafted a bill that would charge women with murder for getting an abortion.

Sen. Dusty Deevers (R-Elgin) has filed a bill, dubbed the Abolition of Abortion Act, which seeks to “take the exception for prenatal homicide, which is abortion, out of the homicide code and make it give equal protection under the law to all lives from the moment of conception to natural death,” he told KFOR.

Sen. Dusty Deevers

The state already has one of the strictest abortion bans in the country — becoming the first state in the nation to enact a ban in 2022. It only allows for the procedure in cases of rape, incest or if a woman’s life is at risk.

But under Deevers’ proposal, a woman would be charged for murder of her unborn child even in cases of rape or incest — or if she seeks to use an abortion pill.

“If a mother is pursuing malice aforethought to kill her pre-born child, then that should be illegal. It’s murder. However she chooses to do it, whether it’s through abortion pills or a coat hanger or hiring a hitman to kill her child,” said Deevers, who is also a Baptist pastor.

“We think that any life that is taken with malice aforethought needs to be protected and it needs to be treated as murder,” he said of those who support the bill.

“If you kill a person, then you’re a murderer and you deserve to have due process … like any other murderer.”

The bill does, however, include exceptions for women who get an abortion to save their life or if they are coerced into undergoing the procedure.


Women who have spontaneous miscarriages also would not be charged.

The measure has already gained the support of state Sen. Warren Hamiliton (R-McCurtain) and anti-abortion activists who stormed the state Capitol on Tuesday to pressure lawmakers to adopt the bill.

Don’t listen to anyone saying that the Republicans are too harsh on abortion.

They should go harder.

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