On the Claims That So-and-So Isn’t White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2014

We are White.
We are White.

It is a common tactic of the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) to infiltrate pro-White forums and confuse people, to cause infighting.  There are several different effective trolling methods they’ve hit on, perhaps the most effective is accusing people of not being really White.  This causes doubt and confusion, division.

William Pierce, in dealing with the issue of “who’s White and who isn’t” identified the White race as all those who belonged to historical Christendom.  David Lane said that if you look White, act White and fight White, you are White.  I agree with both of these positions.

I do have blonde hair and blue eyes, and trolls claim I am secretly not White.  It is ridiculous.  Never in my entire life has any real person asked me if I was of mixed race – I have been mistaken for Swedish and German. It is only anonymous individuals on the internet who make these claims.

I have travelled Europe, and found that it is very easy to identify who is and isn’t White, based on their looks and behavior.  And this lines up with traditional conceptions of what it means to be European.

At the same time, there are people who want to include Iranians, Arabs and Mestizos as White, and I am against this.  The lines, as far as I’m concerned, are clearly drawn, and there is no reason to be confused on the issue.

I think that on an individual level, it makes sense to be selective in breeding.  I am, as a man, mostly interested in women who also have colored eyes and hair.  However, this is an individual choice, separate from the larger whole of the movement.

Below is a particularly good post on the topic from /pol/.


I’m so sick of this divide and conquer shit.  You do know that JIDF are on record saying they disrupt white forums by bringing the whiteness of various people into question, right?  You realize this is a textbook JIDF ploy, right?  Or perhaps you are JIDF?

There are Fequent claims on this board that Irish, Slavs, Italians, Greeks, Spanish, Finns, and Russians are not white.  Italians birthed so many great things in western civilization.  All the great works of Rome, the renaissance, etc.  Russians were the first to put a man in space.  Yeah, they may have had some German help, but so did the Americans.  compare the “least white” European societies to non-white and what will you see?  Sewers, running water, sanitation, etc.  the non-white nations (with the exception of Northeast Asians) are still shitting in the same ditch they drink out of.  This is the key takeaway.  Would you rather live in a “non white country” like Italy, Ireland, or Russia or would you rather live in an actual non white country like Liberia, Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico, China, etc?  There is no fucking comparison.  There may be a difference between Italy and Germany, but it’s orders of magnitude different from Italy and Liberia.

There was a time, say, 200 years ago, when it would have been valid to argue over which of the Caucasoid sub-groups was the most intelligent, creative, strongest, etc.  That time is now over.  Europe and her colonies are surrounded by aggressive third world invaders, Jews flood our nations with violent 80 IQ rampaging invaders who rape our women and leach off of our tax dollars all while mugging us and burning our buildings.

If we are going to achieve victory over the Jews and their pets, we need every last European man in the fight and if he doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes so be it.