Opera Star Placido Domingo #MeToo’ed for Being Polite and Asking Woman If He Could Touch Her

You can’t touch her.

And you can’t ask about it.

It’s over for you now, buddy.

New York Post:

Opera star Placido Domingo faced new accusations of sexual harassment from a fellow Spanish singer in a television program broadcast on Sunday, three years after such claims prompted an apology and curtailed his career.

In a 2020 investigation, more than three dozen singers, dancers, musicians, voice teachers and backstage staff said they had witnessed or experienced inappropriate behavior by Domingo, 83, over three decades. Domingo has not admitted any wrongdoing.

The latest accusation came from an unidentified singer in Spain’s La Sexta television channel. Appearing as a dark figure, she said Domingo allegedly asked to touch her at a theatre in Spain at the start of the 21st century. On another occasion, he tried to kiss her, she said.

“One of the first things they tell you is don’t go up in the lift alone with Placido Domingo,” the woman told La Sexta television channel.

She related how Domingo allegedly asked to touch her after a rehearsal.

“The first time that I felt unease was when we were rehearsing. He (Placido) told me in front of everyone: ‘Listen, can I put my hand in one of these lovely pockets of yours.’ I was wearing trousers with an embroidered back pocket,” she said.

I had a bad stomach because I thought what can I say to (Domingo) in order to carry on normally. If I tell him no, there will be consequences and if I say yes, I don’t even want to think about it.”

The singer said she did not report Domingo to her bosses or the authorities.

“He is Domingo. He is untouchable. He should not be but I am in the shadows,” she added.

Old men are like this. Especially Southern Europeans. They like to be cute with younger women.

It is the farthest possible thing from a threat to a woman, and all women know this.

They just want to punish men in general. That’s what all of this metoo garbage is – it’s an anti-male punishment system.