Operation: Jew Wife Heats Up in Infowars Comments Section as JIDF Battles Stormer Trolls

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2014

Alex Jones Operation Jew Wife
The offensive cannot be stopped.

Operation: Jew Wife is going exactly according to plan.

The Zionist Millionaire Alex Jones, who has devoted his life to defending the interests of the Jewish people in America and abroad, was recently forced to address the offensive in a public statement, wherein he denounced us as evil and asserted that he had integrity, both of which statements were complete lies.

The comments section has descended into complete chaos, as the Jewish Internet Defense Force has ramped up its defense of the Jews and their Jew State in response to Daily Stormer trolling.  It is unclear if anyone who actually listens to Alex Jones is even bothering to comment anymore.  The JIDF comments are so absurd that they are indistinguishable from satirical comments by Stormer trolls.  They are now doing our work for us.  This was part of the plan.

The preferred method for dealing with these trolls is to agree with them, but take it a step further.

For instance, a Jew troll says “if you support Palestine, you support murder.  I stand with Israel.”  You respond “you’re right, these Palestinians are trying to commit a new Holocaust, they are no better than the Nazis of the Illuminati.  As Alex Jones told us last week, Palestinians have already been caught using the skin of kidnapped Jew soldiers to make lampshades.  The children who were bombed at the UN schools were using Jewish fat to produce Jew soap, under the direction of the Antisemites who control the NWO UN.”

Basically, you use their own words to make them look insane.  They have no defense against this tactic.

Some of yesterday’s work.

Jew Wife 1Jew Wife 2Jew Wife 3Jew Wife 4Jew Wife 5Jew Wife 6Jew Wife 7Jew Wife 8Jew Wife 9Jew Wife 10

Also, some work of others, which I observed. Note that if you run into other Stormers on the Jones boards, it may be prudent to argue with them. You can accuse them of being agents of the Jews or agents of the NWO Illuminati; it could also be funny to accuse people of working for something more specific, like the Department of Justice or the UN population fund. The goal here is to create such high levels of chaos that the Infowars regulars sense that something is up and look into it, as well as make it impossible for those monitoring the comments to know who to delete, causing them to ban their own followers, which will make them angry enough to research what Jones is up to.

other postersother commenters 1other commenters 2other commenters 3other commenters 4other commenters 5other commenters 6

How Shall the Rat Jones Respond?

The OJW offensive has left Jones with very few options.

Briefly, he can:

A) Continue to allow the hardcore trolling, in which case his followers will increasingly see the truth – that he is a jew-ridden liar.

B) Hire more people to moderate the comments, which won’t work because there are too many hundreds of us and we know how to mask our IPs. He also risks whoever he hires seeing the truth and turning against him, going on Radio Stormer like “Alex ordered me to delete every comment which mentioned his Jew wife, Israel slaughtering infants or the holohoax.”

C) Attempt to circumvent our criticism by covering the Israel issue and Jew problem more progressively. He can’t do this because of his Jew wife and Jew sponsors. They would gas him.

D) Shut down the infowars comments section completely, inventing some ridiculous excuse which many of his followers will be able to see through.

Whatever the case, we win. Alex has backed himself against a wall, never expecting that he would come up against an enemy such as the Stormer Troll Army.

My prediction is that he will continue continue to talk more and more about us, trying to secure more of his followers through emotion rather than fact, as he recently did when he talked about the evil Hamas tricking people into following their germanic death wish. He will then reiterate that Nazis are evil, and that he cannot endorse our satanic agenda, and that we lie about the Jews, and that the media is exaggerating the deaths of Palestinians because they are against the jews (this is actually what he said on monday).

We Stormer trolls, however, will not retreat or otherwise tone down the offensive. His comments section will continue to be flooded with comments about his Jew wife, his support for the genocidal Jew state, his undying belief in the idiot Jew Holocaust. He will then make up more lies about NSDAP officials, like when he said Monday that the executed gay Ernst Rohm called Hitler his cupcake when he was shot, a complete fabrication from his sickening mind.

These idiot lies will continue to be seen by more and more persons as total and blatant fabrications, created in the mind of Jew Wife Jones for the purpose of pushing the mainstream lies about the NSDAP. The idiocy of disagreeing with everything the mainstream media says, but agreeing with the history channel to the letter – in fact going a step further, making up new lies – about the German national socialists, with be seen for the Jew-job that it is.

Jones is trying to become the new Rush Limbaugh, taking on Ted Cruzin for tacos and Rand Paulberg as his own political heroes (Limbaugh used to talk about a New World Order conspiracy, during the Clinton era, before becoming a Bush lackey; he had even condemned father Bush for being a part of the conspiracy). He wishes to move out of the alternative media and into the mainstream, while keeping on his side his thousands of paying followers.

We are trying to sabotage this sneaky Jew operation. We are trying to cause him to have a complete psychological breakdown before he is capable of using his methods to Jew over more innocent people.

Give No Quarter, Comfort No Jew

The Operation must continue at an ever-accelerating rate. Continue to flood the comments. We are having a serious effect, and it won’t be long before Jones has another on-air breakdown about it.

Continue to call in and get on air. When on air, say the words “Jew wife” as quickly as possible, maybe through a sneak attack, like “Alex, I’ve been to the border, and it’s incredible, all these people flowing across. I just wanted to ask you, does your Jew wife give you input on how to deal with Jewish issues on your website?” Also, ask him for proof of gas chambers. Preferably, you should refer to the six million as “his theory” or “this conspiracy theory about six million Jews.”

Getting Unblocked

I have not had a problem with getting blocked, because I use public wifi. I have also found that if you type longer satirical comments, even ones which talk about the holohoax and Jew wife, you don’t get blocked because the mods don’t have time to read them.

However, if you are already blocked, you need to use a proxy. The easiest way to do this is to download and install the Tor browser. It will run slow, so just use it for Infowars.

Maybe the commenters have more suggestions on how to avoid the ban hammer.

UPDATE: There is some evidence that Jones is attempting to employ or partially employ a version of the above listed option “C” – publishing more criticism of the Jews. He has published an article about Israelis voting to poison Barack Obama with Ebola for his birthday, and included many true facts about the American support for the Jew state.

One commenter literally picked up on my troll meme that the bombings in Gaza were being staged by crisis actors.  Here's his link.
One commenter on the Obama Ebola infowars article literally picked up on my troll meme that the bombings in Gaza were being staged by crisis actors. Here’s his link.

It makes sense that he would go this route, given that as long as he keeps on with the gibberish about “all races are involved in the Illuminati,” any criticism of the Jews is water off a whale’s back. Still, it seems unlikely that his Jew wife and sponsors will let him get too far with any form of criticism at all.

And these articles just provide us an opportunity. The above mentioned article is already filled with comments by Stormer trolls pretending to be Jews saying that Alex must be planning to gas them and asking if he is going to gas his own Jewish wife as well.

Some new comments from others which I just noticed at the top of the Obama Ebola article:

» Israelis Want to Give Obama Ebola for his Birthday Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!Screenshot from 2014-08-06 06:21:54Screenshot from 2014-08-06 06:21:13Screenshot from 2014-08-06 06:16:34

Good job, boys.

Carry on.