Overwhelming Majority of Hong Kong “Protesters” Admit to Supporting Terrorism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2019

The Hong Kong Free Press is a liberal Jewish-style Hong Kong paper that supports the US State Department-backed color revolution in Hong Kong.

They recently did a study polling what the protesters believe.

If you are the type of retard who believes the sadistic boy-fucker Paul Joseph Watson, this data may shock you. Otherwise, it probably won’t.

No, they’re not “peaceful protesters.”


We also found a high tolerance for the more radical and militant tactics of some of the younger protesters, even among those who consider themselves moderates.

Consistently, over 80% agree that peaceful assembly should combine with confrontational actions to maximize the impact of protests. In June, slightly less than 70% agreed that radical tactics were understandable when the government refuses to listen. That percentage rose to over 90% in the August 4 protests.

Never forget when Obama started bombing Libya and saying that literal terrorist militias were “peaceful protesters.”

“Peaceful terrorists” has been a meme for a long time.

The study also found that these people have no actual demands that make sense, they’re just a bunch of whiny babies who want the US to go to war with China to give them even more anal sex and tattoos.