Sadistic Homosexual Psychopath Paul Joseph Watson Flies to Hong Kong to Incite Violence!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2019

The sadistic homosexual psychopath Paul Joseph Watson has flown to Hong Kong to help the US State Department in their program to incite the people of China into open, violent revolution.

Paul Joseph was formerly of Infowars, and although I have disagreed with many of his positions, he has been consistently anti-war. He opposed the wars in the Middle East, the revolution in the Ukraine and the recent attempts to foment revolution in Venezuela and Iran. Yet when it comes to China, good old three names is throwing three sheets to the wind and doubling down on double trouble.

We know for an absolute fact that this bizarre event in Hong Kong is absolutely no different than any of these other US wars and coups, and is nothing more than an attempt by the State Department to provoke violence across China with the hope of collapsing the state and allowing Jewish interests to go in and break the country up. The terrorist revolutionaries in Hong Kong have been trained by the National Endowment for Democracy, a State Department operation, with the same goal as they always have: “spread democracy,” which is a code word for “overthrow the government and install a puppet regime.”

Paul Joseph had been aggressively shilling on Twitter, talking about how great it was that the violent revolutionaries were “standing up against communism” and flying the American flag. Now, the newly converted neoconservative has actually traveled there to agitate.

His video of course skips over US involvement in the revolution. But what’s more, he just openly lies about things anyone can google. Hilariously, the homosexual Watson has titled the video “The Truth About Hong Kong.”

His theme is to claim that the rioters are “not antifa,” which is funny, because that is definitely the most obvious comparison.

He starts out by lying about their “five demands.” Firstly, the extradition bill has already been withdrawn, meaning that people can continue to go to Taiwan or China and kill their pregnant girlfriends, fly to Hong Kong and not be extradited.

He also claims they “want democracy.” In actual fact, their “direct democracy” demand is completely insane, as they are calling for the abolition of the Legislative Council, a parliamentary body created by the British in 1847. This is not reasonable, and it is obviously intended to be impossible. That’s an important point.

Let’s go through some of his other dastardly deceits.

“Protesters are Telling Me China is Using Mass Migration to Subsume Hong Kong’s Identity and Weaken Its Unity”

This is actually more or less true. Beijing is sending in people from the mainland to ensure that Hong Kong integrates into the larger whole of China, and I can see how that would be uncomfortable for them.

Please note that “fewer people from the mainland” is not one of their demands, as that could actually be met.

But you find yourself asking: why should I care about the comfort of the people in Hong Kong? What does this have to do with me?

And Paul Joseph answers that quickly: Chinese people going to Hong Kong is just like mass Islamic migration into Europe!

He actually makes this claim. And I suppose if you accept his claim that “race is a social construct,” then people are just people and one group of Chinese people moving into a city with another group of Chinese people is no different than hordes of Moslems moving into Europe. Although even if you accept that at face value, Mainlanders are certainly not forming rape gangs on the streets of Hong Kong. Or committing acts of terrorism.

So the comparison is utterly disingenuous, a lie designed to make white people sympathetic with the traitorous terrorists of Hong Kong.

 “The Protesters are Different From Antifa Because They Don’t Attack the Media”

This is just an outright lie.

No, of course they don’t attack Paul Joseph Watson or CNN or any of the other Western shills going there to promote their insane cause, but they absolutely do attack Chinese journalists.

So that is simply an outright lie from the revolutionary shill Paul Joseph Watson.

“Hong Kong Protesters Fly the American Flag Instead of Burning It Like Antifa”

This is another factual point that just doesn’t make any sense in context.

American Antifa burn the American flag because they hate what it represents to them, which is white Christians and patriotism.

Hong Kong Antifa flies the American flag because they like what it represents to them, which is a foreign power coming to help them fight their government.

Flying a foreign flag should be considered bizarre and subversive, off the bat. They’re flying it because they are working for a foreign power to oppose their own race and nation.

Paul Joseph also praises them for using Pepe the Frog.

This is something that I’ve talked about before, and it is clearly part of the State Department plot to use people like Paul Joseph Watson to sell the anti-Chinese agenda to the American people.

Because the key reason that the attempts to start wars with Venezuela and Iran failed was that there was no public support in America, so they are using this program to sell this war to America.

He also lies and claims that the Western media is claiming that the Hong Kong protesters are far-right. I have seen no one, anywhere, saying this, since the first time Pepe in Hong Kong was reported on by the New York Times, who took time to explain in detail that they are not far-right.

Everyone knows that the position of CNN, The New York Times and the entire rest of the Jewish media industrial complex on the Hong Kong riots is the exact same as Paul Joseph Watson’s position. Trying to spin it as if he is rebelling against the media by supporting this attempt to foment war with China is just another part of his hoax.

“These are Not Whiny, Privilege Leftists Protesting for Rights They Already Have”

Joseph Watson then shows a picture of a gay pride parade and says that these Hong Kong Antifa are not privileged leftists.

In fact, that is exactly what they are.

The Hong Kongese are by far the richest people in China, and they are protesting against an authoritarian, nationalist government and demanding liberal democracy.

With regards to the gay pride comparison – Hong Kong is definitely the only city in China where they have a gay pride march.

No doubt those gays understand that as they integrate into China, they’re not going to be able to march through the streets celebrating their anal behaviors anymore.

“China Puts Minorities in Re-Education Camps”

Paul Joseph is just hitting all of the NYT talking points about China.

Bringing up the reeducation camps for Moslems makes one wonder what he actually even believes.

Isn’t he against Islam?

How is putting Moslem terrorists in camps bad?

He doesn’t elaborate on that point.

“Police are Responsible for the Violence”

This is another outright lie.

The police ARE “merely defending themselves.”

Hong Kong Antifa are throwing Molotov cocktails.

They’re launching bricks using slingshots.

They are starting massive fires in the streets.

They are hitting cops with bats.

Early on in the protests, all the way back in July, protesters threw white powder at cops after they attacked a government building, took it over and spray-painted the walls.

The police are only using tear gas and water cannons to try to control the crowd as they attack property and start these fires everywhere.

Although we should ask why Paul Joseph cares who is starting the violence. Obviously, if he is successful in his agenda and riots break out throughout China, leading to some kind of mass civil unrest situation, there is going to be a lot of violence.

I don’t believe that he cares about violence. He is just lying and claiming the cops are starting the violence to try and appeal to the emotions of his retarded followers.

This is Worse Than CNN

This Paul Joseph Watson video contains even more aggressive shilling for the “global democracy” program than I have seen even on CNN. It is just the same lies, but Paul Joseph tells them more boldly than CNN dares to.

And him doing it is much worse. He claims to be against the Western liberal system, but for some reason wants to spread it to Hong Kong – “we might not have freedom at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spread freedom in foreign countries” is a completely insane position. At least CNN is just supporting what they always support.

So what is the point of this?

Well, it’s possible that Paul Joseph has a personal desire to see China turned into a globo-homo hellhole. As a homosexual, I’m certain he wants to secure access to young Asian boys that the PRC would keep him from getting his slimy hands on.

It’s also possible that he’s on the payroll of the State Department. Joey Gibson also went to Hong Kong to agitate for bloody revolution. The Jews of Rebel Media have been there as well.

But the bottom line is probably that he understands that he is going to get kicked off of YouTube if he doesn’t shill hard. All fake-right opposition has to be neoconservative, or it gets banned. He’s figured out a way to not get banned – by promoting globalist war projects.