Pakistan: ZOG Occupation Frees Khan – Total Khan Victory Imminent

Pakistan has been seeing big riots that one might even call a civil war since the detainment of the country’s rightful ruler, Imran Khan.

The government just broke under the pressure of the mass violence, and released Khan.

He’s now on a bullet train ride to total victory.

The entire Islamic world is closing ranks, and it was never really feasible for Pakistan to be this outlier. Everyone around them wants peace and unity, and without Khan in charge, the nation is a rogue actor.

BBC News:

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ruled that former prime minister Imran Khan’s dramatic arrest on corruption charges this week was illegal.

The court ordered Mr Khan’s immediate release. His lawyers had argued that his detention from court premises in Islamabad on Tuesday was unlawful.

At least 10 people have been killed and 2,000 arrested as violent protests have swept the country since he was held.

Tuesday’s arrest escalated growing tensions between him and the military.

The opposition leader, ousted in a confidence vote in April last year, was brought to court on the orders of Pakistan’s top judge.

As Mr Khan arrived in court, media ran through the corridors to capture his first public appearance since he was arrested.

Surrounded by security, Mr Khan said nothing as he walked to the wood-panelled courtroom which was filled with officials from his party and journalists.

This isn’t a full surrender.

Stuff is still happening.

He’s still facing charges. Shariff paramilitary forces (who are separate from the military and are effectively just CIA agents) are still making arrests of members of his team.

They don’t want him in the election because they know he’ll win by a massive margin, so they are hitting him with all of these fake charges and trying to imprison him. It’s not dissimilar to what they’re doing to Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the military is everywhere, but their own goals seem to be in flux, because Khan has the total support of the majority population, and has a lot to offer them. Right now, if they’re backing Shariff, they are tied to a dead horse.

The fact is, letting him out was a huge capitulation.

Imran Khan is a man of destiny.

If they wanted to stop him, they should have killed him in prison.

If you take a shot at the king, and so on.