Palestine to File War Crimes Complaints Against Kikeistan to ICC

Daily Slave
June 12, 2015

Brave chosen people have a right to defend themselves against these evil terrorists, goyim.
Brave chosen people have a right to defend themselves against these evil terrorists, goyim.

The Palestinian Authority is planning on filing war crimes complaints to the International Criminal Court against Kikeistan after the Jew kikes dropped bombs on women and children for no reason.

We shall see if the Jews are able to use their shekel creating powers to avoid issues with the court.  In reality, Benjamin Netanyahu and all the Jews involved with that operation last year should be put in concentration camps, given a fair trial and then executed during the half time of the World Cup finals.


The complaints, drafted by Palestinian and international experts, will be filed to the court on June 25. A delegation from the ICC is set to travel to Israel for a preliminary investigation.ICC investigators will work to determine if crimes have been committed in occupied Palestinian territories.

“As part of its preliminary examination activities, the Office of the Prosecutor conducts field visits as it has done in the past with other situations under preliminary examinations,” a statement by the Office of the Prosecutor at the ICC said. “From the outset, the prosecutor has consistently made clear that the situation in Palestine will not be treated any differently from the others. Therefore, the office as per normal practice, is considering a visit to the region during the course of its preliminary examination. Contrary to media reports, no date has been confirmed and further planning is required.”

The U.N Security Council can ask the court to delay the case for up to two years, but Palestinian officials said China and Russia would veto such moves likely made by the United States.