Pastor Anderson Condemns Greta and Her Wyrms, Says She Will Burn in Hell!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2019

Fact check: TRUE.

You know, America used to have Pastor Andersons around every single block not too long ago. Now, we’re left with meek sops and traitors that have bent the knee to Greta the Sickly. At least the good pastor is trying to rally his people to resist Greta’s tyranny and black magic:

Pastor Anderson makes a salient observation that Greta is literally an agent of the Devil. Now, this is not a particularly controversial position, seeing as it has been a Daily Stormer official policy position ever since it became clear that Greta wasn’t going away and was actually being groomed to be the next despot of the Jew World Order government. Her maggot-eating death cult is proof that we have strayed from God and that we need to repent before our civilization is swallowed up by her army of wyrms.

I think everyone should come out and take a firm stance on whether they are pro- or anti-wyrm because we’re at the point where we really do need to be having this debate as a society. So far, we know that we are supposed to eat them, but at what point are we supposed to start worshipping them or possibly getting eaten BY them?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, this is no longer a US or Western phenomenon. Other countries are starting to take notice. Russia’s preeminent conservative voice Sergey Mikheev (the guy responsible for pushing the anti-gay propaganda law in the Duma) said that he condemned Greta and would NOT bend the knee to the wyrms.

The Greta Question is rapidly emerging as the most salient judge of character in our time. Tell me where you stand on the Greta Question and I will tell you whether you are serving Satan or not.

Politicians should be forced to clarify their position on Greta and her wyrms going forward.