Patriarch Kirill Says He was Sanctioned Because Orthodox Christianity is an Alternative to Westernism

I wish the Russians would agitate more that they are offering an alternative vision.

Patriarch Kirill is very prescient with these things. He called for mass deportations of immigrants from Moscow months before the Tajiks did the biggest terrorist attack in years.

Russia is not simply protecting its own interests. It is offering a clear alternative for all white Christians.


The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, has said he will not be intimidated by travel bans imposed by several EU nations. The restrictions are part of wider Western sanctions on Russia in response to its military operation in Ukraine.

“They’ve made the Patriarch persona non grata in Europe. Why? It’s because the Patriarch is spiritually leading the nation, leading the church that has taken a different civilizational path of development,” Kirill said during a service in Moscow.

“Perhaps, they have barred the Patriarch from traveling abroad because we represent a strong alternative [to the West]. As if they can threaten me with that.”

Yeah, it seems like it’s a strong alternative.

The Pope is gay and the Protestants are even worse.

Several countries, including Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Czech Republic, have blacklisted Kirill since the fighting between Russia and Ukraine broke out in February 2022. Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky cited “his frequent public remarks supporting the war in Ukraine, justifying atrocities committed by Russian troops there” as reasons for the travel ban.

The EU stopped short of imposing bloc-wide restrictions on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church after Hungary blocked the move, calling it a “hostage policy” and citing religious freedom.

Kirill has repeatedly spoken in support of the Russian army, saying Russian soldiers in Ukraine are fighting “for our national values.” He argued that foreign powers target Russia because it is a “country of believers,” with the majority of people being devout Christians, as opposed to the West where people “are losing faith.”

It’s true.

The Jews, like always, are trying to destroy Christians, and deconstruct Christian states. They couldn’t manage to do that to Russia from the inside, after over 100 years of trying, so now they’re sending their golems to kill the Russians.

Russians are the only people who are going to save white Christian society.

There is always a regional power in Europe. It has been France, Britain, Germany. Now it’s time for the regional power in Europe to be Russia, which will help the nations of Europe reestablish themselves as white Christian countries.

We need to deport the immigrants, we need to liquidate the homos.

It must happen, or we will not survive.