People Still Calling for Harvard President to be Fired

Every black academic engaged in plagiarism. There is no rule system about this. The rule, insofar as there is a rule, is the MLK rule, which is if you’re black, you don’t get charged with plagiarism.

The only reason Martin Luther King Jr. was not charged with plagiarism and stripped of his doctorate was that he was black. Therefore, according to American standards, blacks are allowed to do plagiarism.

The underlying assumption is that blacks don’t understand what plagiarism is or they don’t think it is wrong, and therefore can’t be held accountable.

Everyone calling for Claudine Gay to be fired, who is not also calling for MLK to be stripped of his “hero” status, is doing so because they are Jewish shills.


Harvard University should fire its president, Dr. Claudine Gay, “posthaste” and appoint a new leader to “steer the university back towards sanity,” political scientist Dr. Carol Swain declared in a social media post on Thursday. Swain is one of several academics whom Gay allegedly plagiarized from for her PhD dissertation.

Gay has been at the center of a plagiarism scandal for several weeks, which began when conservative activist Chris Rufo unearthed evidence that Gay lifted material verbatim from other scholars for her 1997 dissertation, entitled ‘Taking Charge: Black Electoral Success and the Redefinition of American Policies’. A follow-up investigation by the Washington Free Beacon revealed that Harvard received 40 additional accusations of plagiarism against Gay, covering seven of her published works.

Rufo is a Jewish shill (shill for Jews, he’s not himself Jewish).

An internal Harvard investigation has found four “instances of inadequate citation,” but the Ivy League university stopped short of using the term “plagiarism” and cleared her of “research misconduct.” Instead, college officials said that Gay would update her dissertation to properly cite the work she used.

CNN interviewed a number of academics this week who confirmed that Gay committed plagiarism on at least three occasions. Some of these experts dismissed the incidents as minor, while others questioned how thoroughly Harvard investigated the claims before clearing Gay of misconduct, given that plagiarism probes can often take months or even years to complete.

In a post to X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, Swain called on Harvard to “stop listening to the apologists for plagiarism” and “fire Claudine Gay posthaste.”

“Hire the best man or woman who can steer the university back towards sanity,” she continued. “Appeasing the Marxist identity politics mob should not be a consideration. The person for the job might be a middle to older age white Jewish man who believes in classical liberalism.”

Gay is accused of stealing at least two paragraphs from Swain’s book, ‘Black Faces, Black Interests’ for her dissertation.

Well, she ripped off a lot of people.

Swain is clearly being paid by Jews to say this. She literally says in the tweet “put a Jew in charge.”

I stand with Claudine Gay and her totally just policy that calling for the complete extermination of the Jews is a very good idea and should be encouraged.

Harvard already said they’re not going to fire her for plagiarism or for endorsing calls for genocide. The Jews need to get over it and move on with their lives.