Oregon: Up to 10 Patients Die After Nurse Replaces Fentanyl IVs with Non-Sterile Tap Water

Why would anyone steal fentanyl from a hospital when you can buy it on the street for like $20?

The most hardcore drug that ever existed is also the cheapest. That’s in part due to the open border with Mexico, but the bigger issue is that it is so easy to send through the mail. It’s so cheap to produce, you can send 100 packages and if only 1 makes it through, you still make a profit.

New York Post:

As many as 10 patients at an Oregon hospital may have died after a nurse allegedly swapped out fentanyl in IVs for tap water, prompting an investigation of the theft of medication.

Officials at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford say they alerted police early last month that they believed a former employee had stolen medication.

Some sources at the hospital told local NBC affiliate KOBI that nine people had died from infections, while other sources said there were 10 deaths in total.

Multiple sources also told the outlet the nurse injected the patients with non-sterile tap water to cover up their misuse of the hospital’s supply of pain medication, namely fentanyl.


Was it a woman or a so-called “male nurse”?

The alleged swap had been affecting patients since at least the fall of 2022, according to the Rogue Valley Times.

Families of two patients — Samuel Allison, 36, who died in November 2022, and Barry Samsten, 74, who died in July — said hospital officials notified them that the deaths were due to infections resulting from their pain medication being replaced with non-sterile tap water, according to the report.

“There was concern that this behavior resulted in adverse patient care, though the extent of the impact on those patients is yet to be determined,” Medford police Lt. Geoff Kirkpatrick said in a statement.

Kirkpatrick declined to confirm whether the deaths resulted from the medication theft or tampering.

Really nasty behavior here from the junkies.

But we should expect nothing less.

Junkies should be shot.