PETA Wants to Ban Fake Animals from Amusement Rides

There are a lot of people who think animals should be treated fairly. I would say that is the overwhelming majority of people.

Most people would also prefer their food animals be better treated because better-treated animals are safer to eat.

However, the number one group defending so-called “animal rights” is a bunch of nagging women who make outrageous, unreasonable demands, and turn the whole thing into a joke.

New York Post:

PETA got on its high horse this week, calling on the country’s largest manufacturer of amusement rides to stop selling animal-themed carousels.

The animal rights organization sent a letter to Kansas-based Chance Rides on Tuesday arguing that using designs of horses and other animals for the merry-go-round “unintentionally celebrates the exploitation” of animals that are “thinking, feeling, affectionate, playful, and social beings.”

By eliminating animal-themed amusement rides, it would be a blow against industries that still use real animals for entertainment like camel rides or dolphin shows, PETA insisted. Those live animals can face abuse or horrid conditions, the group noted.

Go look at their “About” page. It’s all women. It’s not even an “animal rights” organization, it’s a women’s rights organization, because it’s entirely about women’s notions of what they think animals should be.

PETA suggested to Aaron Landrum, the CEO and president of Chance Rides, that his company only use objects like cars, unicycles, rockets or other designs like shooting stars, rainbows or brooms.

“All animals are thinking, feeling, affectionate, playful, and social beings who form strong bonds with their offspring if permitted to keep them (a rarity),” PETA’s president Ingrid Newkirk wrote in the letter. “They crave freedom from oppression.

Animal-themed carousel sets reinforce the notion that these sentient beings are simply here for our entertainment, rather than individuals with the same capacity to experience fear, pain, joy, and love as any of us.”

Children learn through play, and teaching them to have respect and compassion for all living, feeling beings can help create a more just and merciful world,” Newkirk said in a press statement.

This is retarded. It’s more “no fun allowed” bullshit from women, which is why women are themselves being replaced with amusement park style rides in the form of AI sex robots.

Of course, the same women trying to shut down children’s amusement park rides are trying to shut down robot sex.

Going back as far as 2017, women started talking about programming sex robots with nagging and harassment features.

Women ruin everything.

They should not be in charge of anything, ever, because they only make bad decisions.