Philadelphia: A City Run by Blacks

Life in Post-America Philadelphia: “Let me tell you: The brothers and sisters are running the city. Oh, yes.”

Stuff Black People Don’t Like
November 14, 2013

The end result of the democratic experiment started in 1787?
The end result of the democratic experiment started in 1787?

Home of the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Current protector of the Liberty Bell.

Cultural remnants of far different people than who occupy positions of power in Philadelphia today, and demand that white people hold their tongue when the topic of crime and homicide comes up.But before Mayor Michael Nutter could admonish white people for daring to notice racial realities, a former black mayor of Philadelphia made it clear who was in charge of the city in explicitly racial terms highlighting the new reality of demographically damning democracy. [Street talk hits a nerve on race He told a conference: “The brothers and sisters are running the city.”, Philadelphia Inqurier, 4-17-2002]:

To his supporters, the mayor’s words were heartfelt, right and righteous.
To others, his speech crossed a line – and was divisive, race-based and hurtful.
And even Mayor Street now seems to concede that his remarks were too blunt.
“He meant no offense to anyone and if any offense was taken, he said: ‘I’m sorry. I apologize,’ ” Street’s spokesman, Frank Keel, said yesterday.
Stirring up debate on the airwaves and in politicians’ offices was Street’s unvarnished rhetoric Saturday during a NAACP northeast regional training conference in Center City.

“Let me tell you: The brothers and sisters are running the city. Oh, yes,” Street declared, his voice booming out to a gathering of 700.

“Running it! Don’t you let nobody fool you; we are in charge of the City of Brotherly Love. We are in charge! We are in charge!”

In a 25-minute rambling speech, Street, speaking without a text, touted the accomplishments of his mayoralty: towing thousands of abandoned cars, raising millions to fight blight, helping improve Center City.

Extolling the NAACP’s history of fighting discrimination, the mayor listed the many African Americans serving in senior positions in his administration, from fire commissioner to managing director, from finance director to chief of staff.

“We have lifted the glass ceiling off of the jobs that qualified people can have, and I know the problem,” he said. “I’ve been in this government 22 years, and it never ceased to amaze me that there seemed not to be the opportunity in certain strategic places for people of color. You can’t say that anymore.”

Enthusiastically received by his audience on Saturday, Street’s remarks were not accepted as well outside the conference walls. After parts of his speech were quoted verbatim in an article in Sunday’s Inquirer, talk radio gradually sputtered with indignation. Aggrieved others dialed City Hall.

Why dial City Hall? It’s a black city now, with black voters understanding the importance of collectively hanging together at the ballot box; individualism and some superfluous notions of freedom from tyranny where what those dead white males bloviated about in 1787.

It’s 2013, and blacks run this show.

Can you dig it?

Well, blacks may run City Hall, but they also run any snitches into hiding in Philadelphia, where abiding by the law still means being nothing more than an Uncle Tom. [Philadelphia police probe Instagram account identifying witness ‘rats’: Instagram user ‘rats215’ identified more than 30 witnesses to violent crimes in the US city before it was closed down, Telegraph, 11-10-2013]:

Police in Philadelphia are investigating an anonymous social media account which has been identifying witnesses to violent crimes across the US city with the stated intention of trying to “expose rats”.
The “rats215” account on the photo-sharing website Instagram has posted pictures, police statements and testimony identifying more than 30 witnesses since February, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
Lieutenant John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department said investigators learned of the account this month when an officer monitoring Twitter spotted photographs of a witness and court records about an attempted shooting last year.
That led to the Instagram account, where officials found witness statements from a 19-year-old victim who said he was shot at because he had testified in a homicide case.
It remains unclear how rats215 obtained the victim’s testimony, the Inquirer said. The case was handled by a secret indicting grand jury — a practice the Pennsylvania Supreme Court authorised last year to protect witnesses in violent crime cases.
The site also gave names of witnesses, even though the names of witnesses and victims are redacted in court records for their protection.

The account, which was inaccessible by Thursday night, had nearly 7,900 followers and had been updated almost daily, The Inquirer reported. It contained more than 150 photographs, many drawing dozens of comments and likes.
“Post some new rats,” a commenter wrote in September. “I needa put a hit out on them.”

Who commits the crimes in Philadelphia? Who commits the murder? The same people who helped elect former Mayor Street and applauded when Mayor Nutter demanded white people bow down to their second-class status… black people:

A WND review of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Murder Analysis for 2007-2010 and Murder/Shooting Analysis 2012 reveals startling demographic data that affirm the crime trends found a decade earlier in the “Murder Is No Mystery” report.

Between 2007 and 2012, there were 1,987 murders (an average of 331 murders per year) in Philadelphia. Of those victims, 80 percent were black; 11.2 percent were Hispanic; 6.9 percent were white; and 1.7 percent were Asian.

Only 64 percent of these crimes had known offenders (1,290 of 1,987), with 81 percent of known offenders being black; 7.2 percent white; 10.2 percent Hispanic; and 1.2 percent  Asian.

Because of the “no snitchin’” culture, “defendants charged with murder, rape, robbery and serious assaults were walking free on all charges in nearly two-thirds of all cases” in the city, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. In 2009, Philadelphia had the lowest felony conviction rate of all large cities in America. Soon after taking office, Nutter put in 250 video cameras across the city, in part to compensate for witnesses’ refusal to cooperate with investigations.

According to a WND review of the 2012 Philadelphia Police Murder/Shooting Analysis, of known offenders in 1,083 shootings in the city between 2011 and 2012, 88 percent were by blacks (956). Hispanics represented 102 of the shooting offenders (9 percent), while whites made up 2 percent of offenders in shootings (22) in Philadelphia during that same period.

Using the same methodology employed from the article above, the 2013 crime scene (homicide and nonfatal shooting) is a mirror image of prior years in Philadelphia. Black (and Hispanic) people doing the jobs white Americans just won’t do. Being January and June 2013 in Philadelphia:

  • 88.8 percent of homicide victims were black 76.7 or Hispanic
  • 95.5 percent of shooting victims were black (84.4) or Hispanic
  • 94.4 percent of the homicide suspects were black (81.7) or Hispanic
  • As of June 2013, there had been 10 white murder victims in Philadelphia, and only three white murder suspects.

Social capital is bankrupt in the city of Brotherly Love, one in which elected black officials proudly boast to members of Organized Blackness that the city belongs to them; meanwhile, black criminals definitely flaunt law and order (not far from where the US Constitution was signed), threatening to ‘put a hit’ on snitches.

Oh yes, the city of Philadelphia truly belongs to blacks today.