Philippines’ Marcos is Just a Total Shill for the Americans

The Philippines is going to get itself invaded. Will Daddy America save them when Manila is getting bombed?

Everyone in the Philippines knows that it would be a million times better for them to side with China, have peace, and gain Chinese investment. Every country in the region has gained vast wealth by doing this.

The Philippines doesn’t care about the fricking Spratlys. It’s the single poorest non-black country in the world (save possibly the Ukraine). It’s still a narco state. They have big, big problems that can only be solved with money.

China has all the money in the world and they’re trying their hardest to pass it out to anyone who will take it.

But the Filipinos are still scared to death of the Americans.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry has rebuked Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. after he congratulated Taiwan on the election of Lai Ching-te as the new leader of the self-governed island, saying his comments “gravely violate the One-China principle.”

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, Marcos said he was looking forward to “close collaboration, strengthening mutual interests, fostering peace, and ensuring prosperity for our peoples” following Lai’s election last Saturday.

At a news conference on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said Marcos’ comments run counter to the diplomatic commitments made by Manila to Beijing and interfere in China’s internal affairs.

“China strongly deplores and firmly opposes this and has immediately lodged strong representations to the Philippines side,” she stated, adding that Philippines Ambassador to China Jaime FlorCruz was summoned by the ministry to be issued a formal complaint.

You can openly see that this is in direct opposition to the interests of the Philippines. And yet, here is the son of the supposed “nationalist dictator” Ferdinand Marcos sucking American dick.

The Philippines has been under American control for over 100 years. Compare it to Malaysia, a neighboring country that has embraced China.

It’s inexplicable.