France: Farmers Escalate Protests, Block Roads, Dump Manure in Front of Government Buildings

Damn, farmers mad, bro.

They’re getting mad all over the place because the government is destroying their business in their quest to turn the entire face of the earth into a solid sheet of ice.

It doesn’t matter if they’re mad though. The government can just send cops to kill them if they want.

Everyone opposing the government faces the same problem: they can just send cops to kill you.

The Local:

A French farmers’ union has vowed to continue protests, including roadblocks on motorways, for “the rest of the week and as long as necessary”.

The weekend saw a series of protests from French farmers including blockades on several key highways, and on Monday the protests were ongoing.

On Monday morning the A64 near Toulouse was partially blocked by a wall of tractors and straw bales, while similar blockades had been enacted in the southern départements of Gers and Ariège. Access to a nuclear power plant in Tarn-et-Garonne, south west France, was also blocked by tractors.

Despite a meeting scheduled on Monday evening with the prime minister to discuss their grievances, spokesmen for the FNSEA union said the demonstrations would continue.

FNSEA President Arnaud Rousseau told France Inter on Monday on Monday morning: “The problems faced by farmers seem to be shared, so let’s get on with it!

He added: “I can tell you that from today and throughout the week, and for as long as necessary, a number of actions will be taken.”

Echoing farmers’ protests around Europe, French agriculture workers are unhappy about heavy burdens of regulation and environmental standards which they say make it impossible to make a profit.

Their protests began in the autumn of 2023 with a campaign of turning village signposts upside down, but has escalated in recent days.

Among their grievances are the ever-increasing costs the sector faces and what they say is the choking effect of over-zealously imposed environmental regulations.

They are also angry about progressive tax increases on the non-road-use diesel that is essential to their work.

Well, they changed the weather by farming.

It’s causing tornados and shit and also the WEF just announced that farming is genocide.

They didn’t mention Palestine.

But they did say farming is a genocide, so really, if the cops have to go kill all these farmers, no one should feel bad for them because they committed a genocide by farming on top of causing earthquakes and such.

It’s spreading everywhere