Physical and Mental Breakdown of Unknown Origin

Over the weekend, I suffered a physical and mental breakdown of unknown origin. The professionals (new age eastern medicine types – I don’t trust real doctors) blamed dehydration, mineral deficiency, and environmental toxins.

What is clear is that this was a harrowing journey and a psychedelic thrill-ride, where I was forced to question my most fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality.

I do not know which parts of this were psychical and which were psychological. I did not consume any mind-altering drugs during this period (not that I would have, it just seems important to note, given that “ongoing, confusing hallucinations” were a definitive part of the experience), and had stopped alcohol and caffeine by late Saturday.

I have NOT recovered from this state of deep personal illness. I am now getting to the point where I can look at a screen and maintain focus, but I am still completely incapable of distinguishing reality from nightmare.

I assume this experience was some type of gift/punishment from God. It’s only now that I’m really able to start to think clearly, so it’s now that I’ll start to break down what has occurred. The most obvious thing about any of this, which I just realized right now, is that I don’t have a headache and I have not eaten in 6 days. The pounding headache was a constant since Saturday, and probably because of the headache, I was unable to eat. Now that the headache is gone, it may well be that I will be able to start eating again and just feel totally normal.

My carpal tunnel is not good.

Most likely, this was a classic “nervous breakdown” type event, or perhaps a classic “seasonal illness” event.

(I will say that if this is what all of those faggots were whining about thinking was going to happen to them, then I for the first time have some understanding of why they would want a vaccine. But this was not respiratory at all, and I don’t think anyone described the flu virus as “an endless 3D cinematic death experience on repeat, forever.”)

It’s strange that this happened at the same time World War III began, but okay. I believe I’ve reached some sort of solution to the conundrum of “remaining truthful while also not being totally negative” – so cash me outside for that (it’s probably easier not to be totally negative when the whole world is attacking the Jews from every angle).

I’m thankful (and a bit surprised) to be alive, and I thank the dear reader for tolerating my delinquency.

I can’t promise that everything will be on the up-and-up by tomorrow, but more or less, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be.

One love.