Some of This Shit I Write is Really Good

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For some reason, I came across this article this morning:

Ice Cream is So Good, Millennial Faggot. Have You Considered Suicide?

I read it and I was like “damn, brah – this shit fire.”

Conversely, much of the stuff on this website is garbage.

It should be understood: no one has ever published as much material as I have. Seriously, name someone. There is no other person who has published 30,000-80,000 words a week for ten years straight. This is outrageous. All of it can’t possibly be good.

We are shocked to our core at how much of it is good.

However, when I look at the writers I respect (which is a very low number of writers), they wrote at most a column per day, 4-5 days a week.

At some point, I am going to want to write better material. Maybe it is selfish, but I would like some kind of legacy that goes beyond “this dude spammed articles for decades and there was some shit that was funny af.”

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I guess my real legacy is breaking all of these modern taboos. If you look at the history of the right wing, I blazed a trail. That is the historic action, more than any specific writing. I went through all of the taboos, and destroyed them, including pit bulls and forced child marriage.

But bro. I was 28 when I started this site. I’m now pushing 40. I would like some essays and so on to be collected and published, firstly, and secondly, I’d like to write some religious materials in a serious manner.

It’s a conundrum. When I started the site, I had a 10, 20, and 30 year plan, which would involve the site running itself by now (or rather, being run by other people who I’d hired). There were several problems, primary of which being that I was shut down from using the financial system. I am totally banned from the financial system. Insofar as I am able to make money, it is not enough to hire good staff. Moreover, I think even if I could pay someone six figures a year to run the site, it would not result in a good outcome. It is impossible to find people who are competent. I tell everyone this: you want to minimize the number of people you are involved with, because people are not competent, and they will get all emotional with you.

Anyway: people complain at certain times that the site is low-effort. First off: most of you have never sent any money, and I don’t owe you anything.

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The fact that few of you do send money means I have to contract other work to pay both for my own life and for the site. I am also a middle-aged man now who has other responsibilities. (You people have no idea. But you do have an idea. Everyone has shit they have to do. My life is more complicated than a lot of lives, but better men have had bigger problems.)

Moreover: a lot of the time that I seem to be putting up low-effort content is spent working on other projects.

Nonetheless: even if I don’t put up awesome 2,000-word essays every day, there is still news and jokes on the site every day, so I don’t really see how anyone can complain.

Long term, it’s probably going to be the same: there will be ups and downs, in terms of quality and effort, but there will always be a site with the news that is worth visiting every day.

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So, look: it is what it is.

I do my best.

What more can I do?

If you give me money, that is going to be better for everyone.

If you’re broke, okay. Honestly, you should still send me a couple bucks.

If you’re rich, you should send me a lot of money.

Some of you, I know, are rich because you followed my advice, and in that case – come on, bro.

Come on.

This is the Monero address:


This is the official and legit QR code: 

If you know how to get Bitcoin, it is not hard to change it into Monero.

(Guide for that.)

But maybe we’ll do some kind of thing where if you’re going to send more than like, $500, I try to figure out a way for you to send it in Bitcoin. The reason we removed Bitcoin was that it was not private, and making it private is ultra complicated.

I’m trying to keep people from ending up with problems as a result of sending me money.

I would have just assumed that people would figure out Monero, but here we are years into this program and donations are still 80% lower.

I never expected to get rich from this job. Well, actually, to be frank, I initially thought I’d be able to pay myself a significant salary. As it turned out, this is not possible.

But send something.

Half of you have been reading the site for more than 5 years. You were supposed to get rich based on my advice and pay it forward.

How many of you niggas would be dead if I didn’t press you on that vax? How many of your marriages did I save? How many of you did I keep off drugs? How many of you did I advise to focus on money instead of women when you’re in your teens and twenties, which resulted in massive gains? How many of you had been convinced by neckbeard millennials that ice cream is not good, only to find out through the Daily Stormer that in fact, ice cream is very good?

Help a brother out.

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We’re trying to save the white race out here, bro.

We’re trying to establish a fascist Christian empire.

We’re trying to mandate forced child marriages.

Seriously: go back and look at history.

Where would we be without the Daily Stormer?

You’re all aware of how influential this site is, and we’re trying to take it to the next level.

No, but seriously – I don’t have any more levels, so that last sentence is a lie.

Actually, wait – the next level would be books, which I would just publish for free, because I don’t have any way to receive money other than through crypto donations.