Watch: Skinny Naked Woman Fights Fat Clothed Woman Wielding Spiked Club in LA

Damn, boy.

America is lit.

Bitches be wiling.

New York Post:

A naked woman was caught on camera squaring off with another woman wielding a spiked club in Los Angeles on Monday.

The broad-daylight incident happened on the Venice Beach Boardwalk and was filmed by stunned bystanders, according to footage shared by TMZ.

In the clip, a svelte nude woman with long brown hair and a small back tattoo was seen adopting a defensive fighting stance and causally deflecting a spiked club that was being swung at her by another woman, who was clad in sandals and a spandex outfit.

The clothed woman eventually threw the spiked club at the nonplussed nude woman, who picked it up as her apparent attacker grabbed a bat.

The two women dueled for several moments before the naked woman knocked the bat out of the clothed woman’s hands and chased her off.

Fighting in the nude is an extreme advantage.

I recommend that if you find yourself facing a showdown, you strip down naked before engaging the enemy.