Poland: Parliament Approves Morning After Pill for Women Over 15

And it’s only gonna get worse from here

So much for “based Poland.”

This country has devolved faster than Ireland.

A few years ago, it was “gay free zones,” now the whole country is a hetero free zone, and sluts are running buckwild.

Their abortion ban is going to be over soon. Even under their abortion law, there are already more abortions per capita in Poland than there are in Russia.

You simply cannot serve two masters: God and America (Satan). You have to choose one.

Poland chose Satan, and now they’re dealing with the consequences of that decision.


Poland’s lawmakers voted on Thursday to approve over-the-counter access to the morning-after pill for ages 15 and above in a step to liberalize Poland’s strict reproductive law inherited from the previous nationalist conservative government.

The vote in the lower house was the first step in the plans of the new pro-European Union government to loosen the anti-abortion and anti-contraception law, which is among Europe’s toughest.

The lawmakers voted 224-196 in the Sejm with one abstention to liberalize access to the hormonal contraceptive, called ellaOne.

The new contraception regulations still need approval from the Senate, which is expected to grant it, and from Duda.

It’s so over.

These bitches got what they wanted


I haven’t lost hope.

I think there are a lot of young Poles who hate faggots and women and do not have this fixation with Russia as the big bad daddy.

At some point, they are going to be far enough removed from Stalin that it’s just not going to matter that much to anyone. Further, Stalin never made anyone take it up the ass.

The thing that’s going to have to be sacrificed is the idea that Poland should be an empire. That just isn’t the way the modern world works, firstly, and besides, you can’t build an empire by taking free money from Germany and America. Empires have to be built on something: culture or war, generally. You can’t build an empire with handouts. It’s moronic and actually insane that this is the thinking of so many in the Polish government and intelligentsia.

But I know a lot of young Poles who understand that Russia is not the enemy. If anything, Russia would almost certainly be willing to give Galicia to Poland. I don’t see any reason why, if Poland agreed to come out of NATO and sign a neutrality pact, Russia wouldn’t support them grabbing that territory. If Poland doesn’t take it over, it’s just going to become a terrorist base anyway, and have to be decimated by Russia at some point.