Japan: Births Fall to New Record Low, PM Calls Trend “Greatest Crisis”

Daily reminder: you can’t have women’s rights and a replacement birthrate.

You have to completely remove women’s rights entirely. Like, you have to go back to the Middle Ages, where women are not even considered people.

There is no other solution. Women will always choose to not have kids, or to wait until they are too old to have more than one or two.


The number of babies born in Japan fell for an eighth straight year to a fresh record low in 2023, preliminary government data showed on Tuesday, underscoring the daunting task the country faces in trying to stem depopulation.

“The declining birthrate is in a critical situation,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi told reporters. “The next six years or so until 2030, when the number of young people will rapidly decline, will be the last chance to reverse the trend.”

Mindful of the potential social and economic impact, and the strains on public finances, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has called the trend the “gravest crisis our country faces“, and unveiled a range of steps to support child-bearing households late last year.

A lot of governments have attempted to incentivize women to get married and have kids. They will not do it. It is too much fun for them to go around with different men, to use all of these powers that they have from the age of 13 to their late 20s to manipulate men and just do whatever they want.

It’s too tempting. No woman will surrender that unless she is forced to by the government or by extreme social norms. That’s all. That’s the end of the story.

Women do not have a right to end the human species (or at least the white and Asian races) because they want to go around having fun times. Because they make these decisions, they have to have their decision-making abilities removed. They don’t have the right to wipe out the population. Therefore, they do not have a right to bodily autonomy.

How can you roll back women’s rights?

There are no options in the current system.

The system has to collapse.