Poland Wants to Deploy US Nukes

Poland has become totally unhinged.

What do they think is going to happen here, if they are able to kick off a World War with Russia?

Protip: America is not going to be the first country invaded in such a war.

Someone should send the Polish leadership a map.

If NATO starts a war with Russia, it’s not going to be all this playing nice we’ve seen in the Ukraine.

Because Putin is playing so nice, with a very small force designed to win through “defeat in detail,” the NATO shills can claim that Putin somehow isn’t winning.

But if it’s war with NATO, it is going to be total war, and Poland will last about ten minutes. If they even start to build nuclear installations, all of these installations will be bombed, all infrastructure will be bombed, and tanks will be rolling in in force.

What is even Poland’s problem? Some ancient historical thing?

Do they think NATO/EU is going to let them build an empire?


Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister, has spoken in favor of US nuclear weapons being deployed in eastern Europe, citing Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine.

In an interview with Germany’s Die Welt news outlet published on Sunday, Kaczynski said that “fundamentally, it makes sense to expand nuclear sharing to the eastern flank,” apparently referring to a NATO concept by which “the benefits, responsibilities and risks of nuclear deterrence are shared across the Alliance.” The Polish official noted, however, that such an initiative should come from the US.

On top of that, Kaczynski called on the military bloc to set up a new command center in Poland, akin to the one in the Dutch town of Brunssum, “from where joint NATO deployments will be planned and conducted.” According to the deputy, that would send a clear signal to Russia that the military alliance is now present in Eastern Europe at command level as well.

In addition to the adoption of the NATO concept, Warsaw “would welcome it if the Americans in the future increased their presence in Europe from the current 100,000 soldiers to 150,000,” Kaczynski in this instance citing “Russia’s growing aggressiveness” as the main threat. The Polish official proceeded to break down the numbers, explaining that “75,000 troops should be permanently stationed on the eastern flank, that is, on the border with Russia.” He also told Die Welt that Warsaw would want to see 50,000 US service personnel in the Baltic states and Poland alone.

Kaczynski’s calls for Washington to beef up its military contingent on the European continent comes despite NATO having already agreed to deploy additional battle groups to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

NATO is planning on using Poland as a buffer zone (human shields).

Poland is saying “please, please, massa, we lubs being yo’ buffer zone, massa.”

We will see how that works out for them.

If WWIII actually starts, China is going to deploy.

I have no doubt that the Polish government is just literally NATO shills, probably pederasts.

But what about the people? Do the people support being a human shield buffer zone, set up for the explicit purpose of being wiped out in the event of a real war?