North Dakota: Officials Tell People to Go Ahead and Breathe the Toxic Air from Chemical Train Fire

This is the way the US government deals with toxic waste incidents:

  • They bring in experts to assess the situation, asking them if anyone is going to die immediately
  • The experts say “no, it will be at least a decade before the cancers start to show up”
  • The government laughs and says “haha, who gives a shit then? We will have all taken our money and be working in the private sector by then”
  • The government announces “everything is fine”
  • The media says anyone who disagrees is a conspiracy theorist or a Russian bot
  • Years later, when people start dying, documents are released showing that the government knew all along
  • No one is punished

This is called “democracy,” and if you don’t like it, you can move to China, where you don’t even have the freedom to walk through the streets naked in front of children.

Your choice.


Officials at the remote site of a derailed train carrying hazardous materials that sparked a fire in North Dakota briefly issued a shelter-in-place notice Sunday for area residents during cleanup.

The notice was issued as a precaution early Sunday after air monitors detected low levels of anhydrous ammonia after a railcar began venting during its removal from the site, said Andrew Kirking, emergency management coordinator for Stutsman and Foster counties in east-central North Dakota.

No injuries from the leak were reported, and the notice was lifted later Sunday when air monitoring levels returned to zero, Kirking said.


Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia in the air can cause burning of the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract, and can result in blindness, lung damage or death, health officials say. Exposure to lower amounts can result in coughing and irritation of the nose and throat.

This happens constantly.

The US government tells you the only thing that matters is carbon dioxide, that we have to stop cow farts and eat bugs and shut down power plants and cover the entire globe with disgusting poisonous windmills that don’t even work.

NATO says they’re going to fight World War III with Russia and China with jets powered by windmills.

This is because government officials are invested in all of these scam “green energy” companies.

You can’t make any money cleaning up a toxic waste event.

Thank the gods of Democracy for your freedoms.