Poll Friday: What Ideology did You Hold Before Becoming a Far-Right Extremist?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2014

Hitler changed my life.
Hitler changed my life.

I have been attacked since I first began promoting far-right extremist fascism for having previously, in my younger years, followed an anarchist type mode of thinking.

The obvious reality is that none – or very, very few – were taught the kind of thinking that is represented on the Daily Stormer as children, and had to figure out it for ourselves.  So we had a journey of the mind and spirit to reach this place.

I am interested – as I’m sure other are – to see how folks identified before reaching this point.

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My hope is that with the Daily Stormer and other sites promoting a far-right extremist agenda rising, more and more young people will find this type of information and be given a shortcut through the winding Jew maze of wrong-think.  However, for many, it is a necessary part of personal development to go through this process.

The important thing is that we are all here now and we know what is true.

As a secondary exercise here, it would be interesting to hear in the comments section how people transformed their ideologies.