Polls Now Saying Biden Tied with Trump

US elections are fake. I don’t care who “wins” the fake election in November. There’s no point in caring about it, as you can’t affect the outcome. And Biden and Trump are both warmongering Jew-lovers and abortionists.

I also don’t think the polls are real. But, just in terms of understanding the direction things are going in, it’s worth noting that the current polling average has Trump and Biden tied.

It seems impossible those could be real numbers, given the situation.

But whatever. It doesn’t matter.

The outcome of the election doesn’t have to reflect the polls.

The government just picks the winner.

It’s possible there could be heavy Israeli interference to try to get Trump in.

But whatever happens, nothing is going to happen. Trump is no longer even opposing the Ukraine war, saying that instead of giving them “aid” he wants to give them “loans,” which is the same thing. (They’re not going to pay back any loans. Even if they somehow could, this is still saying “let’s keep this war going.”) Probably, the Ukraine war is going to have to be canceled so the Americans can focus on the Middle East, but maybe they’ll just do a bunch of wars at once? There are people at think tanks saying that the US should keep going with the war in the Ukraine so that Russia has fewer resources to help Iran. These are the kinds of things these people are saying. In Washington, it is a foregone conclusion that the US is on the verge of destroying Russia, China, and the Moslems, and ushering in a New Age of Total Global Anus.

My position is that the US is destined to lose this global conflict. My position is also that anyone telling you they know the details of how it is going to play out is lying, because it’s clear that the people planning it do not know the details, or even have a clear plan at all. These people are stupid and they have their own version of Manifest Destiny, which might be called Manifest Butthole. They believe they are invincible and going to war with the entire world is not a big deal.

Trump did avoid starting any new wars in his first term, and managed to end the war in Syria. Well, I think Russia ended the war in Syria, but it was under Trump that most of the funding to ISIS was cut.