China Announces Revamp of Military in Light of US Threats

China doesn’t want to do this. They still have economic problems rooted in decisions made from before Emperor Xi took over. They want to focus on that.

But the US is pushing a war, and China will not back down.


Chinese leader Xi Jinping has announced a major revamp of the military, creating a new Army Information Support Force which will be responsible for dealing with hybrid warfare.

The announcement was made at a ceremony in Beijing on Friday. Xi stated that China must prioritize the development of its military in the modern era, as well as enhancing its capabilities through reform, science, and new talent.

The Chinese leader described the newly created wing of the army as a ‘strategic force’ that will provide indispensable support for coordinating and using information system networks. “It plays an important role and has great responsibilities in promoting the high-quality development of our army and winning modern wars,” he said.

General Bi Yi was appointed commander of the new military branch, with General Li Wei appointed as political commissar. In the People’s Liberation Army, commissars serve as second-in-command and are largely responsible for administrative tasks and political education.

Xi also noted that it is important to “adhere to information-led and joint victory, smooth information links, integrated information resources,” as well as strengthening information protection.

Unlike the US, China is a serious country. They will respond to threats seriously.

The Democrats and Republicans are pushing for three separate fronts of war: Russia, Shia Moslems, and China.

They are already at war with Russia, and involved with a war against various entities in the Middle East. It’s unlikely they will ever get around to China at this point. But China is right to be ready. Biden is building a bunch of new bases in the Philippines. Taiwan is almost a distraction from what seems to be the serious war plan in the South China Sea, but there are new troops in Taiwan, and new money going to Taiwan.

The US is flying bombers around China, they are sailing warships all through the place. They are, by definition, “threatening China with war.” It’s only reasonable that China prepare for the worst.