Pope Francis Invites Shitty “Comedians” to Vatican to Celebrate Diversity

Listen up: Irish traitors are gonna be the first against the wall.

You faggots have no idea what our race has been through. You think this is a joke.

It’s not a joke.

The Irish are not a joke. Irishness is not a costume you put on to push a Jew agenda.


Pope Francis, who says he regularly prays “Lord, give me a sense of humour”, will welcome comedians from around the world to a cultural event in Italy to “celebrate the beauty of human diversity,” the Vatican said on Saturday.

Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien and Chris Rock will be among more than 100 entertainers at the Vatican on June 14.

The meeting will take place on Friday morning, before the pope travels to Puglia to attend the Group of Seven (G7) leaders’ summit.

The meeting between Pope Francis and the world’s comedians aims to celebrate the beauty of human diversity and to promote a message of peace, love and solidarity,” the Vatican said.

Chris Rock is the only one who might troll the Poop.

None of these Irish traitors will do anything that is ACTUALLY SUBVERSIVE.

If you are not actually subversive, you are not Irish, and you should do like Colbert, and pretend to be French.

Shane MacGowan is rolling in his grave.

He never would have kissed the feet of Pope Anus.