Portland Health Officials Giving Snorting Kits, Glass Pipes to Addicts

It’s like the old Pink Floyd thing: “how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat???”

It’s: “how can you smoke any crack if you don’t have your free government crack pipe???”

New York Post:

In a controversial move, health officials will begin distributing tin foil, straws and snorting kits to drug users throughout Portland this month, officials said.

The Multnomah County Health Department announced Friday that it will offer the drug paraphernalia for those using fentanyl and other hard drugs, and offer other services to addicts as part of its “Harm Reduction Program,” KOIN 6 reported.

Department spokeswoman Sarah Dean told the news outlet that a spike in Portland’s fentanyl use decreased the demand for needle-focused “harm reduction” services. Because fentanyl is typically smoked rather than injected, she said visits to clinics have dropped 60% since 2019.

The new part of the program is that we’re adding supplies for people who smoke drugs,” added Jessica Guernsey, Multnomah County’s public health director.  “We’ve seen a shift from injection drug use to smoking drug use, so that we can engage people who may not otherwise engage in services.”

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