Posts Wishing Death on Iran’s Supreme Leader are Okay, Meta’s Advisory Board Says

It’s hilarious that everything that Andrew Anglin was banned from the internet for is now, officially, acceptable social media discourse – as long as it is directed against the enemies of the Jews.

As it turns out, there were never any values or principles. It was just about not being allowed to criticize the Jews.


Posts wishing death to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are appropriate in the “context” of ongoing political turmoil and therefore not hate speech, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media company Meta has been told by its censorship advisory body.

One of Meta’s platforms, Facebook, had deleted a cartoon that depicted Khamenei as oppressing women. In a text bubble in Farsi, the cartoon called the Islamic Republic the worst dictatorship in history and wished death on the “anti-women Islamic government” and its “filthy leader Khamenei,” according to the Oversight Board.

While Meta initially said the post violated their policy on “Violence and Incitement,” the decision was quickly reversed on grounds of “newsworthiness,” according to the company.

The Oversight Board ruling further argued that the language of the post was legitimate political speech.

“In the context of the post, and the broader social, political and linguistic situation in Iran, ‘marg bar Khamenei’ should be understood as ‘down with’. It is a rhetorical, political slogan, not a credible threat,” the board wrote.

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Frankly, if you say these sorts of things about the Jews, you will not only be banned from social media, you will get a visit from the FBI, which are the lapdogs of the ADL.

This is the same thing with the Russians – you are allowed to call for the death of Russians. It’s all over social media, people calling for Putin to be assassinated, for the extermination of Russians as a group.

Anglin never even said anything like they’re saying. He might have joked about the Holocaust, but he never called for the absolute extermination of the Jews in the way these people are calling for the mass slaughter of Russians.

Anyway, it’s so obvious it’s pointless to even talk about.