Practical Strategies for the White Resistance

Shaun DeMoray
Western Spring
September 9, 2014

Nuremberg rally
How do we get to here?

We live underneath an oppressive, anti-White system that is intent on the genocide of the White race; so our people, unless nationalists manage to seize total political power in our homelands, are in danger of extinction. It’s as simple as that!

What, then, can we do?


We must start acting as a people, so it is the duty of each nationalist to form strong networks with the nationalists in their local area. Don’t listen to the Zio-media: there are loads of people who feel like we do all over the country, and the vast majority of them are smashing people, but it’s important that we reach them in the right way.

No Hollywood Nazism.

Nationalist meetings every second month is a good start. Even if you have as little as 3 people at each meeting as you begin to build your networks, it is still important that nationalists in your area have a regular place to meet where you can organize yourselves. Rather than being places where egocentric intellectuals spew out meaningless metaphysical waffle, meetings should be places where nationalists create plans of action. It’s too late for intellectual bullsh*t!

Once you’ve formed a group (no matter how small) join Western Spring, study the 6 prerequisites; and, with a fanatical level of dedication, do everything you can to put the 6 prerequisites into action. It’s as hard and as simple as that.


Team Building

Once you’ve formed a group (call it whatever you like) meet up with your comrades once every two weeks, and do something that binds you together. Please, don’t give the system any money through going to the pub but develop activities that binds your group together through hard yet appealing activities. Think with creativity; long hikes followed by a few beers by a camp fire might be one option. Saving some money, and then, every now and again, going paint-balling might be another. Do these types of things.

The most important thing to do is to develop a shared sense of identity and nothing does that better than embarking on difficult, shared experiences. If money is a problem, the human imagination is capable of finding activities that cost very little. No excuses. Do it. If we can’t organize ourselves for very basic tasks, what chance have we got of saving our race?

Develop True Resistance Communities

Have you every noticed how non-White groups can get huge amounts of people onto the streets whenever they perceive their race to be under threat? Look at the reasons for most riots; a non-White criminal suffers ‘injustice’ by the state and hordes of non-Whites become very violent, very fast. Amongst the Bourgeois section of the nationalist movement this behavior is seen as a sign of inferiority. But is it?

Whenever non-Whites riot they are sending a clear message: mess with us and there will be hell to pay. White people, however, do nothing despite the fact that the vulnerable sections of our race are subjected to Muslim pedophile gangs, black drug dealers taking over their inner-cities, and a Jewish controlled mass media that mocks our right to exist as a people. The White message is clear; do whatever you like to us, we will not defend our racial interests.

Unfortunately, the anti-White police force is against us so we won’t be able to get away with the same types of actions as non-Whites (neither should we aspire to). Nevertheless, there is nothing stopping nationalists in each area from forming self-defence groups that are trained in various martial arts; so we can, as a people, defend ourselves the next time non-Whites decide to start attacking our people. Despite the garbage spewed out by the anti-White System, we have a natural right to defend ourselves and our own people.

Once we get organised, we must train for every possible situation, and, with a small outlay, develop the communications, skill-sets, tactics and resources (like using someone’s garden as a training centre) to become effective against our enemies. You can’t trust the police: look at how they allowed the industrial rape of White children in Rotherham!


Develop Friendships With Other Nationalist Groups

Fundamentally, we are all in this struggle for the 14 words — right? Some people, however, have turned the struggle into a personal crusade to prove that their group is the best, and everyone else — including nationalists who have spent their life fighting for our people — are somehow no good. This is stupid and plays right into our enemy’s hands. Although it is healthy that there are so many organizations out there, we also need to coordinate ourselves; so that when it really matters, we are engaged in activities that increase our efficacy.

Recently, Western Spring have suggested that the various nationalist groups form a council. This would be a great start. If the various nationalist groups can share resources, experience, and expertise in a highly organized manner we will become a more formidable force. We have some very intelligent people in the struggle. It’s time we start using our brains to further the cause. Let’s get organized. Quick!

There is a paradox: the battle will be won at the local level. As we all know, the state doesn’t want us to succeed so they have planted their agents all through the movement. Local groups are much harder for the anti-White System to penetrate, so it is important that the local groups are structured in a way that they are movements all within themselves. They need to be able to act independently, and have the power to challenge central authority if they see something happening that is clearly against the interests of the long-term struggle; but a localised-centralised dualism will give us more power if we all work together, and weed out anybody who is suspect.


This essay wasn’t intended to provide the A-B-C of White survival. To achieve the end goal of securing the existence of our race and a future for White children is a long, long way off. The majority of our people have submitted to the insidious pleasures offered by the anti-White System and only a tiny portion of our people seem to care about the future of their race. Instead, it is our duty as nationalists to do what we can and be as cohesive, dedicated, and fanatical as humanly possible. Even if the odds are against us, we still need to fight. We have no other choice!