Prague Doctors Kill Wrong Baby in Abortion Mixup

Doctor, doctor, there must be a mixup!

You killed the wrong baby…!

Ah, well.

No biggie.

Everyone makes mistakes.

New York Post:

Multiple investigations are underway after Czech Republic doctors performed an abortion on the wrong woman.

Medics mistakenly terminated the fetus of an expectant mother who was four months pregnant on March 25, according to The Evening Standard.

The victim had arrived at Bulovka University Hospital in Prague for what she thought would be a routine check-up, the outlet reported.

However, she was instead placed under anaesthesia intended for another patient and a curettage, or surgical cleaning of the uterus, was instead performed without her consent or knowledge, resulting in a miscarriage.

It’s a horrible story.

Hard not to laugh though.

What a ridiculous “civilization” we have.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.