Project Veritas: CNN Exposed Part 3

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2019

Part I is here, Part II is here.

This third part is… the third part in a trilogy of videos released by Project Veritas based on recordings made by a CNN employee who spent months secretly filming inside the CNN organization.

Here are Veritas’ own bullet points about part 3:

  • Manager of Field Operations at CNN Patrick Davis Complains “We Could Be So Much Better Than What We Are.”
  • “I Haven’t Listened to a 9AM (Rundown) Call in About 15 Years…Just, I Can’t Listen to It,” Explains Davis, “It’s All Just a Bunch of Bullshit.”
  • Field Production Supervisor at CNN Gerald Sisnette: “The Only Way This Will Go Away is When He (Trump) Dies. Hopefully Soon.”
  • “They Sold Themselves to the Devil. It’s, It’s Sad.” Laments Floor Manager at CNN Mike Brevna.
  • “We Used to Cover News,” Complains Senior Field Engineer at CNN Scott Garber, “We Used to Go Out and Do Stories.”
  • Zucker Admits to Being Personally Responsible for Impeachment Coverage: “I Am the One Saying We Should Just Stay on Impeachment.”
  • Conflict is What Sells,” Explains CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra, “Create Clicks, Get More Money.”

I guess it’s interesting that there are people in the organization who don’t want it to be such a circus of Jewish lies.

But otherwise… it’s just more of what you would expect from the world’s number one Jewish fake news outlet.

I can’t imagine a single person being surprised by any of it.

Again, I support James O’Keefe, the head of PV, and consider him one of the last real journalists. I am very happy he puts these out.

But they are not going to change anyone’s mind. No one supports CNN because they think they tell the truth in good faith. They support them because they hate white, heterosexual, Christian men.